Chicken Viking Hat!

So I stumbled upon this yesterday… it’s funny, and weirdly enough, adorable!
The pattern’s for a 6-12 month baby, by the way.

:roflhard: OMG that reminds me of Mr. Bean and the turkey!! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: WAY TOO FUNNY!

Wish I had someone to make this for…hmm maybe I could adapt this for my 4 year old son…He would actually wear it. :roflhard:

:shock: :roflhard:
rather looks like a bird we had for supper recently! :roflhard:
I like the bobbles that mimic the dimply chicken skin!
I’ll have to add it to my WTH patter file, right along with the knitted wig and the womb… :roflhard:

My 9 year old son says “you have to knit that for me or I willl DIE!!” But the pattern is for a baby 6-12 mos. Gotta figure out how to make it larger… :thinking:

I have that pattern in my folder, I think it is pretty cool and If i was back north with my friends, I would wear that, but around your friends you can do those things. Here in Florida I think an alligator would start following me. I would love to see someones finished project of one and hear all about it. I think it is a hoot.

I think it’s really neat. I saw it a while back on a blog all about “who the heck would knit this!?” … I would. haha. :happydance:

:roflhard: its for a baby?? ohh that poor child!! they can’t say yes I want that or what are you doing to me!!

feministmama gotta see picts when ya get it done :lol:

This is just the thing to make for my nephew! It’s either that or dress him like a girl, which I have informed my big burley brother it is something that WILL occur! hey, i put stuff on my cat and dressed my childhood dog in doll clothes. So there!
I told my gal pal at work about it and she said “what for?” and I said “X Actly!” why not! :roflhard: :thumbsup:

OMG this is adorable!!

I think this would be hilarious for a grown man (thinking Joey Tribiani here)!

I guess this must be the strangest babyhat I have ever seen!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: OMG that’s a hilarious shirt :rofling: I must have it…


Funny shirt, Maybe I should show THAT to my son before I make this hat :cheering: :cheering: