Chicken Recipe

Bored with plain old skinless chicken breasts? I sure am!!
Try this sauce mixture:

Barbeque sauce … googlebase
Honey Dijon dressing … Dijon.aspx
olive oil … B000EM94FQ

Mix all 4 of these together, and spread over and under chicken breasts, as you’re broiling
or baking them, for great tasting chicken.
Serve with baked sweet potatoes, which have 1 tablespoon each of butter and brown sugar on them, and some asparagus,
mashed potatoes topped with shredded cheese, and for a side, corn on the cob, or fresh green beans in cream of mushroom soup,
with crushed Keebler crackers on top.

This is how I like to cook. I made these recipes up today.

Thanks for posting this; it sounds like something that would go over well at my house. We eat a lot of chicken and fish – no beef or pork – and I’m always looking for new ideas for supper that are easy and delicious and will give me more time to knit!


i have the worlds best recipe, seriously if you take the time to make it you will LOVE it. (at least imo and everyone that i have made it for) its so easy and tastes so great i make it at least once a week.

curry chicken macaroni
combine in a 1.5Q casserole dish

1.5C uncooked macaroni
1C shredded cheddar cheese
1.5C diced chicken
1 small can of mushrooms (optional)
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1C milk
.5 tsp salt
.5 tsp curry

bake one hour at 350 degrees

no worries, the curry is really subtle!
and i either use one can of chicken or one chicken breast most of the way cooked in the microwave cut up

Sounds good, at least, for when I cook ‘American’. Right now, I’m on a Middle Eastern trip with my cooking. Lots of slow cooked meat and vegetable dishes. Tonight we had a sauce of ground lamb, eggplant, onion, Bell pepper, and a bunch of herbs, served over polenta that I baked in the oven. (No standing over a pot with this method.)

It was SO good!

Princess, in my family, there would have to be several tablespoons of curry powder in your mac dish. We make a cold pasta, shrimp, curried salad that has 2T. for eight servings.

lol, my boyfriend loves curry and always sneaks in extra! im sensative to hot foods though, so we compromise :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you like it!

The curry I use smells good, and taste very mild, almost sweet.
I LOVE lamb, eggplant, et.
Post a polenta recipe.

MMMMmm! Sounds good. Easy,too. A friend of mine cooks 90 second rice, with a chicken breast, and peppers, in tin foil, altogether, and says it turns out real well.
I haven’t done a pasta and meat casserole in years. DH won’t touch tuna casserole, or any pasta but angel hair.
Oh well.