Chicago Bears Scarf - revised!

A co-worker asked me to knit him a Chicago Bears scarf. This is a die-hard fan so I’d love any and all suggestions for a pattern. I don’t necessarily need something with the bear head in it but something that looks good with blue and orange would work!

Any advise on a good brand of yarn for those vibrant colors?


OK - so how about a 2 color scarf recommendation that would look nice on a big guy?

Any suggestions on where to purchase the bright colored yarn?

I made a Chicago Bears hat for The Useless Ex-Boyfriend last year since he is a die-hard season-ticket-holding fan. I used Lion Brand Wool in Midnight Blue and Pumpkin:

I wish I had gotten a picture! Also, Arcadia Knitting in Chicago had Lorna’s Laces dye some orange and blue yarn last year when the Bears went to the Super Bowl, called “Go Bears”. It came in Sock, Sport, and Bulky. The ex also got a pair of socks in those:

I would call Lorna’s or Arcadia and see if they have any left in that, if you’re interested.

I thought your biggest problem would be finding the colors in Central New York - UNTIL I remembered that Syracuse University has navy and orange as their school colors. I bet this store in Syracuse would know just what you need and just might have the colors in stock. Alternately, you could try some Chicago area stores’ websites. Blue and Orange are complimentary colors - just about any striped scarf would look good with those colors.

The only problem is that Syracuse orange is really orange and Bears orange is a darker, reddish orange. My husband was the one that actually pointed that out to me! Ugh!

Hi - I have the exact same question. I’d like a 2-color scarf recommendation that would look nice on a big guy (who is a die-hard Chicago Bears fan). I looked through Ravelry and just didn’t see anything manly in 2 colors. Maybe I just missed something, but if you or anyone else could help, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!

Garter stitch stripes is probably the easiest way to go. You can vary the width of the stripes to your liking.

But, If you want a Fan’s scarf I would suggested a double-knitted scarf with stripes on the ends and the words “Chicago Bears” written along the length of the scarf.

Below is a link to one person’s version. It looks like an adaptation of several of the patterns from Ravelry to the Cicago Bears colors.

Red Heart has just come out with a new yarn called “Team Spirit”. Each skein is made up of alternating between 2 different colors, each one being a combination of 2 “team colors”. Navy/white; green/white; blue/gold; blue/red; etc…

Check them out and see if your color combo is represented!!


Just a note on this Red Heart Team Spirit yarn. I am currently using this yarn and it feels horrible while I am knitting with it. I am hoping and praying after washing and drying it softens up.