Chic Knits Bucket Hat

I just finished this Bucket Hat from Chic Knits, it’s still drying but I couldn’t resist posting a picture. The pattern in a PDF downloadable pattern from chic Knits ($5.95 I think) and the yarn malabrigo. It takes just a skein and is felted.

I did this in an afternoon and will definately do it again. The pattern calls for making the crown 5.5 inches wide, I will add at least an inch next time because I think it felted a bit short. But that may vary with the yarn. I have already started a second in Schaefer Esperanza.

This pattern is a a great FAST knit for a last minute Christmas gift.

Cool, Ginny. :thumbsup: Those one skein projects are really helpful in a knitting crunch.

love one skein projects, and the hat looks VERY cool!

cool hat - love the colors!

Great job! It looks awesome!

Ya know…I bought 3 of her patterns on Monday night! And I was wondering about this adorable bucket hat! I got an email from Chicknits yesterday, featuring the bucket hat!

Can you try it on for us, to show us how it looks? Your hat is just beautiful! I’m gonna go over to her website now and download the pattern!

Oh, and she has the most adorable 3/4 coat pattern in the latest Mason-Dixon book, “YANK”. This designer is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! I ordered the book online from Amazon on Monday morning …and all 3 books delivered to my door this afternoon (Wednesday)!!! Wow! Fast!

please try it on when its dry…:roflhard:

Here is my daughter in the first hat. I have finished a second and am waiting for it to dry, I did make the crown about 7.5 inches rather than the 5.5 the pattern called for and the hat is more appropriate for “big” heads (like me).

This pattern felts rather thickly and each yarn felts differently so each hat is unique. I used thick yarns for both, the [attern calls for Cascade 220 which may be different altogether.

I loved the 3/4 coat pattern and have been trying to decide whether to order the book or just the pattern.

Wow I love that hat and it looks fantastic on your daughter. Great job! Cheers to the 1 skein projects. :clink:

Hi Ginny!

The only 3/4 coat on her website is “Mrs. CB Camp Jacket” I think.
“Yank” is the 3/4 jacket that I want to knit. The designer published it in the latest Mason-Dixon book.

I love their books, so I prolly woulda bought this latest edition anyways…but if “Yank” can be purchased separately as a PDF download…WOW…that would be a savings!

Although $5.95 for a single pattern is high-priced when you think about it. If a design “book” has 12 patterns in it…at $6 each…the book would cost $72! Yipes.

Here is the link for “YANK” on Ravelry. It’s an adorable jacket.

Anyways, I’m totally off track here! Thanks for the tips about making the crown of the bucket hat 7.5" rather than 5.5". Is that measurement BEFORE felting, or after felting?

Your DD looks great in the green bucket hat! A good color for her, too! You did a great job! Can hardly wait to see your other bucket hat! Be sure and post it, too!

Thanks! I’m ordering the book. I must have dreamed taht I saw it on the ChicKnits site… I saw it SOMEWERE:teehee:

Oooh! I like the swirly colors! I’m making them for my daughters for Christmas. Here are the first ones (blocking)

VERY NICE!!! Aren’t they fun!


AWESOME is right! :thumbsup:

I love how these look. So ok, I knit one of these up, and it is now drying on the form. It looks like a derby hat, but cute.
I will post a pic when it dries, if it looks good. I was worried that the yarn wasn’t thick enough with one strand, but it felted up nice and fast. And I did take your tip and knit it to 7 in height instead of the 5.5 inches.
Thanks for the tempting project.

You can shape the crown to be flat or rounded, what ever you prefer. If you check the pattern on Ravelry you will see there are many different variations.

Here is my finished hat from Schaefer Esperanza. It is a MUCH bulkier yarn than malabrigo but felted very nicely. The yarn is “fuzzy” and I am contemplating giving it a shave… but it gives it a nice effect as is.

The Esperanza hat is much “thicker” and thus I think will be warmer, but the malibrigo hat is nice as war too. Alot of szing can be done during the felting. The second hat was actually much taller than the first but I set it on the gas log stove over night because it was taking FOREVER to dry and it shrunk a bit (oops) but it is still fine.

Very neat looking hat. Great job!