Cheyenne's Wish~ Fini Sockettes

Resulted from a request by my niece, for a pair of ‘Pink Ones Please’. :smiley:

More photo’s and pattern link~

too cute…love them :smiley:

Those are so cute and such a pretty pink!! :inlove:

How sweet!

I love 'em! :heart:

those are adorable!

Gorgeous!! :heart:

Too cute!

so pretty!

I’m such a sucker for pink too (just look at the clothes in my closet!)!

Love them, and I bet she does too!

Thanks all. :smiley:
I have another pair that I’m finishing up for Me Myself and My Berks, in White Glorious White TLC Cotton Plus ~What a joy to knit with.

I do really like this pattern, quick knit up. My only woe is the darn purling on the underneath. My ladders, although I know they will work themselves out, cause me grief. I don’t like worrying about my knitting, or in this case purling. You can see I stopped the purling at the gusset decrease stop point on these pair, but I carried it on through to the toe decrease start on mine. :frowning:

they are SO cute … :happydance: