Cherry Design Pattern?

I wanted to knit a scarf for a friend and knit a cherry into it.
I didn’t think a cherry would be too complicated to make a chart on, but I haven’t been able to locate one.

Something like this would be cute, but even if it’s just one berry!

I’m wondering if it would be hard to make my own pattern if I can’t find one. Hmmmm

I tried it on the knit pro site.

That is a really cool too, although 46 stitches is alot … hmm

I’ll have to tweak this a little.
I wanted to knit it in the round on circulars but we’ll see~

Perhaps something like this would work for you? The two cherries together is only 20-something stitches and you could stick the single one in as well in another place on the scarf. Perhaps, if not doing cherries on the entire scarf, accent one end with the double cherries and the opposite end with the single cherry?

My friend love cherries and I’m trying to get Christmas stuff started :oo:

Thanks so much for that smaller chart, astonh.
I got the idea after seeing this scarf:

And after knitting two harry potter scarves in the round. For the cherry scarf, I won’t use the colors in that happy bunny scarf, but I wanted to do cherries on the ends. Do you guys think it would look better with a red as the “main” color or white?

Heck, if I could find a patch, I could make myself one of these happy bunny scarves

Maybe you could needle felt the cherries on the ends of the scarf. That should be pretty easy. Crossed Fingers

If knitting for someone who wears make-up I would vote for red being the main color as the white will really show any make-up that might get rubbed off while wrapped up in the scarf. Just my opinion.

here is a dishcloth with cherries.
Maybe you could pick out the pattern in colors rather than purl sts.

Oh, that is cute! bookmarks