Ok. my first post…hehe
well I am knitting :XX: a Chenille scarf for muh best friend and half of it is going to be green and the other is going to be purple. and then I am going to have a some tassles that are a blue-green at the ends!!
and so… I was wondering :thinking: what needles you gies used to knit it.
like wood, aluminum, or plastic. and what size!


Welcome to the forum! I’ve only knit with chenille once, for a Christmas hat, and it was bulky. I think I used a 10 1/2 needle–metal. I used metal because I only use metal circs or straights.

The size of the needle depends on the size of the yarn. If I was going to knit with the bulky chenille that I used for a scarf, I would have gone up a size or two to make it a looser fabric.

I just finished a Lion Chenille Thick & Quick Santa Hat at the behest of my mother. She made the scarf and I made the hat for my nephew that turns one on Christmas Day! :happydance:
It called for 11’s and I started it out on my bamboo, but moved to my Crystal Palace Daisy needles. I believe they may be a PVC type. If I had metal 11’s on hand I would have used those but the plastic did the trick. I love love love my bamboos, but they just weren’t doin’ it for me on this project. I think the little hairs of the chenille make it harder to get your needle into but the plastic was more slick to make up for that.

:waving: Welcome!

I used metal (aluminum, maybe? whatever straights boye makes) when I knit with chenille last and likely will again because the yarn just slips right off, but in a good way!

Thank you gies so much for your welcomes!! :cheering:
I like it here because everyone is so nice and friendly!!
I finished my project and it had one half purple chenille and one half green chenills and then I had fringe on the end that was like a blue-green and I thought it was very nice for a first REAL knitted gift!! I have been knitting for awhile but haven’t given any gifts until know!! Now, I have given 2!! My best friend got the scarf and liked it :happydance: and then another friend got a little change purse!! and…I learned that even though the project is small…does NOT mean it is easy!! :angelgrin: so… I now start a NEW scarf for my mothers friend and a baby hat!! :smiley:
And… I will try not to be to shy as a newbie!! :hiding:

By all means, don’t be shy! Jump on in with both feet!

Wow, you’ve been busy! :cheering:

And we like photos of finished work, so please share!

I originally was using bamboo, but now I just made another flower facecloth (my 6th) using addis.

[size=1]I don’t like Chenille [/size] :rollseyes:

Wow, you’ve been busy! :cheering:

And we like photos of finished work, so please share![/quote]

I will try but I gave away my presents so I will have to do other things!!
brb!! :thumbsup:

:waving: I just wanted to say welcome and hello!!

I voted for other because I abhor chenille. I have yet to meet a chenille that doesn’t start to fall apart after a few washings, so I just quit using them. :frowning:

Thanks rebecca!!
and silver I’m sorry you feel that way :frowning: but I am glad you shared!! :wink:

thanks rebecca!!
I’m sorry that you feel that way :frowning: but I am glad you shared :wink:

ok I finally figured out my pictures!! I am going to make a power point and then I will post it on here!! so hold on agian!!

ok guys and gals
this is not working :?? so I will have to try another day sorry!! bye!!
Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!! :XX: