Chenille wool


Hi im currently knitting a baby blanket and was wondering if theres anything else I can knit with chenille wool for a baby. I think I will have have 200g left baby will be new born
Thanks in advance for any ideas


Can you tell us what the brand name and type of yarn it is? A link would be helpful so we can see what it looks like and what it’s made of.


Hi its aldis so crafty polka dot wool



I don’t see that colorway, but it looks like this one.

Do you have any ideas of what you’d like to make? Here’s a few ideas.


its for a gift for my friend who expecting her first baby so anything really for a new born and on straight needles hopeless on.circular.ive recounted and ive got 300g of wool left so really just want to make something to use the wool and gift


Okay here are some things that are knit flat. These aren’t necessarily in chenille, but they are super bulky and knit flat.

#8 plenty of ideas here very grateful


Please share when you’ve finished so we can see! :grin:



If anyone has a hat,mitten booties set for bulky wool I would to knit a set to match ive been looking but cant find any on straight needles


Pretty! I’m not sure you can get all those out of the 300 yds, but possibly. Go to Ravelry and do a filtered search under patterns. That’s what I did in the ones I shared. I selected knit flat, about 300 yds, and super bulky then put baby into the search. There isn’t a lot for super bulky yarn, but maybe you can find something I didn’t.


Thank you so much


Thank you for everyone’s help I finally finished my baby bundle


So adorable! That hat is too cute for words and the rest of the ensemble is perfect. Well done.


That’s an adorable set! I bet the new mom will be very happy!