Chemo Kid KAL (list on page 6) - Updated 4/19/06

Hi guys …

In recent weeks I have had several people contact me about knitting for the kids at the hospital my DS goes to. This is pretty cool considering that before DS was done with his in-patient chemo, I had talked with the Child Life Specialist there about doing the same thing!

I just sent her an email and asked for a list of the kids that are still receiving in-patient chemo. I’ve asked for their age, gender and some of their interests. I also asked her to check and see if we could have their first names, as well.

So, here is my idea: Once we get the list, you can choose a child to knit something for. (Please let me know who you choose so we don’t all end up knitting for the same child!! :lol:) My suggestions for projects are hats, scarves, mittens, felted clogs, totes/purses, fingerless gloves, or any other small project that you feel moved to make.

Once you are ready to mail your project, please PM me, and I will give you my address, and we’d be happy to take care of delivering these projects.

I’d also like to encourage you to knit for your local children’s hospital or cancer center, or perhaps the local neonatal unit.

So … would anyone care to post links to patterns for this???

Jul…could you post some guidelines for chemo cap sizes for kids? I was sad when I made one for my DHs friend, because although it was soft and lovely, it was too big for a bald head.

Ill knit for girls, as I have 4 skeins of KPs Shine in Apricot. Will just need their names and sizes. Id LOVE to have Julie’s hat pattern!

Also…since i will be making another pair of clogs DURING the class that Im teaching, I will donate those (or, Il will tell Chix With Stix that THEY Are donating those, as it will technically be their yarn)!

Do you think we’ll receive the list within the week?

Kelly, I’ll e-mail you the pattern right away…but it’s in infant and adult sizes though…can you do the math or should I do it for you? :wink:

Julie, I’m SO in on this…I can’t wait!! :cheering:

Which was the one you had with you at the knit-together? That looked like a kid’s size to me…

If you would do the math, Id be forever endebted to ya!! :heart:

The one I had with me actually fits my head…I think if I took out one pattern repeat it would be a great kid size :thumbsup:

I’ll send it to you with some notes, probably in the morning. :smiley:

THANKS, Jul!!! :heart:

Well, I wish I could give you a time frame as to when I’ll have the list, but as much as I love our Child Life Specialist, getting to things like this is not usually quick or dependable. I’ll keep bugging her!! :slight_smile:

Let’s do this … for starteres, I’ll just list a couple of patients that I am personally aware of, and I’ll make sure that any items get delivered either to the hospital, or to the nurse in the clinic. Here are the kids and some ideas I think would be good for them:

P. - boy; age 19 - loves video games and computer; has a PSP – some ideas: knitted cozy for the PSP, felted clogs – must be slip-proof, though, 'cause he’s on crutches, scarf, cool hat.

J. – girl; age 2-3 – an adorable little girl with big brown eyes, and recently departed lovely brown, curly hair – some ideas: perhaps one of Julie’s lovely hats??? (hint hint!)

J. – boy; age 6 mos – this little guy was diagnosed when he was merely 3 weeks old, and man-oh-man is he a charmer! He also has a twin sister & a 2-year-old sister, and the parents have gone to monumental lengths to keep the family united – some ideas: little boots; mittens; hats; sweater – is there any way you could do something for his siblings, too???

A. – boy; age 9/10 – loves the Cubs, video games, board games, etc.; has been quite sick – I’m not quite sure what would be good for this guy, but he’s really a fun-loving kid. Perhaps a hat, scarf or felted clogs? Think about it and see what inspires you. His mother is also a lovely person, and she has had a lot to deal with. I don’t feel like it’s my place to share personal information here, but this family has really gone through a lot in the past year. Oh, and there are Dad and big brother, too.

A. – boy; age 10 – don’t know much about this guy except that he’s on recurrence #3 or 4. – Same ideas as above.

L. – girl; age 17 (I think) – somewhat quiet girl; very petite – would probably love a lacey-edged hat, scarf, mittens …

A. – girl; age 15 – typical teenage girl who would probably love some of the funkier stuff off of Knitty.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll get a list from my friend in the not-too-distant future, and I’ll get it out to you as soon as I do.

Thanks, everyone! You guys are the best!

Oh, Kelly … I forgot about sizing. I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help here, other than to say that I would knit for a typical size for the kid in question, and maybe snug it up a bit.

Head Huggers might have some suggestions???

Hi Julie

I would like to help out. Would it be okay if I crocheted the hats. I found two really cute patterns from the site above.


Julie, I would loooove to knit for J., the 6-mo old boy, and his siblngs :smiley: You know you have to twist my arm to get me to knit cute li’l girl stuff! :inlove:

I will make a Julies hat with my Apricot Shine for the 2/3 yr old little girl. And maybe some matching socks??

Would the 17-yr old girl like a hat in the apricot color? Maybe with matching wrist warmers?

And, I will definitely do clogs for someone. Will just need sizes. I guess those can wait until Julie gets back to you, Julie. :thumbsup:


:cheering: Oh, I can’t wait to see what you pick! :cheering:


Edited 'cause I got my teenage girls mixed up.
I think the 17yo girl would LOVE the hat and wrist warmers!!! Go for it!

As for clog sizes … oh, my. Well, I just don’t know. Maybe men’s medium and instructions for felting? Although then you couldn’t make them slip resistant. :thinking: Hmmm … deserves some pondering.

Oh, and I think all of you need to change your name to “Julie” because this isn’t confusing enough.


GREAT news!! Dana at Chix With Stix LOVES the idea of donating any clogs I make in the classes I teach to kids at RMCH!! That may only equal 1 pair per month, but STILL!

I can include a cheery note from me, adding something at the bottom like “yarn for these clogs was donated by Chix With Stix in Forest Park, IL” right?

Kelly –

That is so cool! And, yes, I would think that a note inside would be a great idea. Oooo … and something else just came to mind … what if we offered to teach knitting classes to the kids when they’re up there??? :cheering: There are at least 2 or 3 teenage girls that are getting treatments, and I can see that this would be a cool thing for them to get into.

They already have an art group coming in about once a week, but what if we offered to come in once a month or something (or maybe Dana could help us out rounding up volunteers, too) … that would be so cool. Most of the projects they currently offer up there are geared to preschool- & early elementary-aged kids. I think something for the upper elementary & teenage kids would be really neat!!! And what if they included the Mom’s (and Dads?) as well??? OK … I’m thinking out loud now …

Hmmm :thinking: Let me talk to Julie.

Well, Ms. Jul…the same thing ran through my head! I think you should come up for open knit night at Chix a couple of Wednesdays and WORK that into conversation!! :wink:

Well, Kelly, I think you and I could be the impetus for the knitting class, and then perhaps we could get various yarn stores – including C w/ S – to donate yarn. Then we’d just have to find a good source for needles – maybe some of the bigger chain stores could help out w/ that – like Joanne’s, H.L. or Michaels? Or, we might even be able to contact some of the needle manufacturers directly to get needle donations.

Oooo … these wheels are spinnin’ now!!!

ORRRRRRRRRRR we could get our LYS owners to hit up their distributors for donations of supplies! :cheering:

Julie, I would ask at W&Co about yarn, too…I seem to remember something in their newsletter about donating yarn for charity proects.

And KK, mea culpa, I am so sorry I haven’t gotten the pattern to you yet. The last 48 hours have been nuts and my computer time has been a little limited. And I have to go to bed now or I’ll get a lecture in the morning. :roflhard:

But wait, there’s a crying child, my night isn’t over yet… :wink: