Chemo hat

I need a fairly simple Chemo hat that doesn’t use Fun Fur or any other kind of fur in it’s directions. Speedy is also the name of this game. :XX:
I know about the Lion Brand one but it is too furry for the person that is going to wear it. Tender head!

There are a whole lot of patterns at Head Huggers.

Good luck to you and the recipient.

Hi there

Great website is www.Chemocaps - quite a few choices ofpatterns on offer.

There’s also a website - (Tampa, FL) they’re a very friendly and helpful company. The hair is attached to a hat for a ‘natural’ look of hair peeking out from underneath. The hats are said to be more comfortable than a full wig.

Hope this helps.

All the best to you and your friend

Limey :thumbsup: