Chemo Caps, Put your Patterns HERE

I know we have a links section, but this would be easier for charity knitters to find for the time being… mods move this if you want to.

Please put your links for chemo caps here.


There’s one in here called Shedir, it’s a PDF. I’m :XX: this right now, not for a chemo patient though. I liked the pattern and I have a ton of extra yarn so I thought I would try it. I wanted to try cables and this is turning out to be a really easy first try. Don’t be put off by the chart, it’s explained well enough for even a newbie like me to understand it. :slight_smile: I’ll post pics in RFO when I’m done. Maybe some progress pics if anybody bugs me about it.

Jgm, I saw that pattern…love it!
I also love this one I just saw it last week, I don’t think that it resembles what I usually think of as a chemo cap; IMHO

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rebecca~ nothing showed up!

Headhuggers has you covered!!

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the Lion Brand site this week has several new chemo cap patterns.

Long time no see, beldie… thanks for the pattern. I miss ya, girl!