Chemo Caps / London Beanie

A co-worker was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and will have to undergo chemotherapy. The doctors say that hair loss is very common, so I thought I’d make a chemo-cap for him. I went to and found the London Beanie. I was able to get a LOT done on it last night; however, I’m not convinced that the ribbing is sufficient as written. It doesn’t seem tight enough and/or doesn’t seem like it will hold its elasticity through time and use. I thought maybe it was my tension making it so loose, but I’m working with metal needles and if I make my sts any tighter, then I won’t actually be able to move them on the needles. :wink:

Has anyone made the London Beanie as is? Do you know how the ribbing holds up after a lot of use? Or does anyone recommend another pattern that you know turns out a duration cap? FYI - I don’t know if he’s allergic to wool, so I chose 100% cotton. Perhaps this particular cap is not meant for cotton? :shrug:

Thank you much!!!

hi ekgheiy

I was just looking around for some patterns and came across this pattern maybe it may help you.

My prayers go out to your friend.

Thanks for the link BajanKnit!!

I looked at the pattern and just from my own experience it does not seem like the number of cast on stitches would make too big of a hat. I think you might be right that the cotton has something to do with it since cotton is not a stretchy fiber.


Since it’s knitting up pretty quickly, I’m almost done with it in cotton. And you’re right, the cap isn’t actually very big. I’m wondering if the small size is what makes it snug. :?? I’ll see how it works out, but will probably take a trip for LYS for more yarn options.

FYI - Sorry I can’t post a pic; batteries died and I haven’t replaced them yet. :pout:

I knit the London Beanie last year, and although a very nice hat, I found that it was much too small for an adult head. I had to give it to my 12 yr old son, and it was even a bit too small for him.
I went on to knit JGibson ribbed hats, which I found a very nice fit.
The link is here…
Good luck, and best of wishes to your friend.

Thanks FlyingFingers!! I actually came across that pattern, but the pictures rubbed me the wrong way. :oops: Talk about judging a book by its cover. :teehee:

Say, what yarn did you use? I still want to avoid wool for the allergy issue. In your experience with the pattern, do you think that pattern will work with cotton?

Thanks again!!

Hi, I am not much of a pure wool knitter either, I find it too itchy, especially around the forehead. I use Paton’s Decor for most, but I just found the new Bernat Cashmere is [COLOR=red]beautiful [/COLOR][COLOR=black]to work with.[/COLOR]
As far as cotton goes, you can use any worsted weight cotton for that pattern if you choose, and it will still be a nice hat, but I would suggest using a smaller size needle for cotton and adjust your size.

All done!!! (Pics on the blog.) :woot: He was soooo appreciative and even shed some tears when I gave it to him!!

I told him to let me know how it fits and that I would gladly make him another if it doesn’t quite fit the way his likes it. And then he teared up some more. :angelgrin: I wanted to have it ready for his first treatment, but didn’t. He mentioned that he and his wife discussed buying a chemo-cap over the weekend, so he was especially touched by the gift this morning.

Thanks for your help FlyingFingers!! :thumbsup: