Chemo cap design question

Would a chemo cap with eyelets running through it be foolish? I really love this pattern, but I wonder if the design would defeat the purpose of the cap itself. Thoughts? [/u]

I think it would be beautiful…so many women look for something different than the same thing that everyone else has. I bet someone would love it!!

Thanks! I do think the pattern is lovely. However, my concern is that the holes might reveal what the hat is supposed to hide, if you catch my drift?

Some women are proud of their heads, even if they aren’t comfortable revealing the entire thing. Also, the hat is pretty enough that someone could wear a small scarf under it if they wanted.

Or, brainstorm! I could include some pretty ribbon they could weave through the eyelets if they are a little shy. How does that sound?

Excellent idea! Very clever, m’dear.

Why, ty, Ingrid!

Now, any ideas on how I would reverse the pattern to knit from the bottom up instead of top down? LOL!

Stand on your head. :rofling: That’s the only way I know. :thinking:

I think that hat would be beautiful as a chemo cap and the ribbon idea is brilliant too!! It’s an adorable hat, one that would be really nice for warmer days too, I think I need to make myself one.

No wonder I like it! It’s a MARNIE design!!

I don’t think I have even told her this, but her Knitty Gritty show was one of, if not THE first one I ever saw and I LOVE her to death!! Her patterns are all so cute as is she…I hope the new season gets better. I was disappointed with the show last night for some reason, although that baby was cute enough to take a bite of (to quote another famous knitter I know!)

Thanks for sharing this link, Deede!!

[size=1]Sorry this got so long, it was an innocent enough question you asked and look what I did!![/size]

You’re so funny, Ingy. (hope you don’t mind if I call you that??) Sounds like you’ve gotten your knitting fix today :thumbsup:

You both are TOO funny! I can’t stand on my head, but the SO can walk on his hands…does that count?

NO fear of being a thread hog, here, Soapdoc. Marnie rox! I didn’t realize it was her until you pointed it out, thanks! I hope she’s on the new season too! Thought she made a fantastic guest on the show. Very easy to follow, very clear instructions, and entertaining even! Reminds us all that knitting can be just as much for the young as the uh, not so young? hehe!

deeeeede (as my UIL likes to say).

I love the ribbon idea, and then the recipient can decide to use or not!! Brava!!

Here’s another idea, though I have NO idea how it would all work out. I have considered designing something like this myself, but my mommy-brain cannot compute at the moment :roflhard: . Anyways, maybe you can figure it out…

You use double knitting for the hat, so it is twice as thick, and also reversible. You knit contrasting colors with a solid knit on the inside and the lacy pattern on the outside. The contrast color would show through the eyelets on the outside.

Whadda ya think??? Can you wrap your mind around that? (I know mine can’t!) :wink:

My mother in law has ovarian cancer and has been going thru chemo for almost two years now. You can imagine, I’ve made her several hats. It is true that she does not like people to see her bald or almost hairless head, and it is a rare occasion to see her without some sort of hat.

From what I understand from her, it’s not so much the fact that she is bald and feels self conscious about that than it is the fact that she gets so cold having no hair on her head, and the hats help to keep her warm. Also, when going thru chemo, the chemicals they use tend to make the patients skin very, very sensitive so it is best, if making a hat, not to make one that has a seam, because even that small ridge is irritating. It would be for that reason that I would shy away from putting ribbon on that hat, I would just leave it plain anyway, because the holes are not that large or see thru, and the ribbon could irritate the scalp.

Just my thought, having talked to my mother in law about this…


Knitqueen, what an interesting idea! When my design skills are a bit more advanced, I’ll surely have a go at it.

Pat, thank you so very much for your input. I’m glad to hear from someone ‘in the know’ in this case!!! I’m gonna send you a PM.