Checkerboard Baby Blanket Woes

I’m knitting a checkerboard baby blanket…a variation of a pattern I found online. You just knit squares of stockinette and reverse stockinette, in a checkerboard pattern. My squares are about 3 inches, 12 stitches by 16 rows, using Plymouth Encore worsted.

My problem is…my blanket seems so “wavy” because of the alternate stockinette and reverse stockinette squares. I didn’t knit a garter or seed stitch border because I want to pick up and knit a ruffled garter border when I’m done.

Do you think the squares will “lie down” a bit better as the blanket gets bigger, and/or after the border is knitted? I hope so! I don’t want all my work to have to be frogged…but I would do that if necessary. I don’t know how to post a pic; my teenaged dd who is at work right now could probably help me with that later.



You mean some of the squares are pulling in? Or is the edge wavy? If it’s the edge, then that will be corrected when you pick up and knit on them.


It’s not pulling…the whole blanket is up-and-down wavy because of the reverse stockinette/stockinette alternate squares. I like the checkerboard look but want it to “lie down” more. I’m only on my second row of checkerboards, and am planning to make 12 rows by 12 rows of squares. Don’t want all that knitting to be wasted if the whole thing looks awful!


:think: I’m not sure what the problem is. . .or I should say what the solution is. Is your gauge on the tight side?

Do you mean that the stockinette squares are poking out and the reverse stockinette is pushing in, or vice versa? That will come out mostly when you wash and block it, and if it doesn’t come out all the way, it’ll have come out enough that it won’t be an issue. It should come out with wear if it doesn’t come out in the wash. But, if it’s the right length and width, you just have a nice afghan anyway.

Ingrid…no, I don’t think my tension is on the tight side.

Conti…yes, that is what I mean…the alternate squares are “poking out” and “pushing in”. Perhaps I did not explain myself well enough. Of course I knew it wouldn’t be a perfectly flat blanket, but it looked too wavy to me. However, I just now laid it out on my bed, squishing the end stitches (since my circs are a bit shorter than the blanket) and smoothing out the middle. I think it will be okay after all. It looks better the more rows I knit. The waviest part is the edge, which as you said, Ingrid, will be taken care of by knitting the garter ruffled border.

Needless worrying, I suppose, but I hate spending hours and hours on something that isn’t going to come out right.



“Poking out and pushing in” is normal for those stitches when worked together. Think ribbing. I would think it would help though when you have more weight on the blanket.

Another thought…did you do a border? If not then that could cause the edge to ripple a bit I think. :think:

And, the ruffle you were talking about adding, that will fix it for good.