Check this out

Would anyone use this? The luddite in me says no way but the technogeek in me says OOooo goody let’s try (yes I have multiple personality when it comes to being a luddite and a techno geek) discuss

I am a sucker for a good gadget… I’d probably buy it. Now if I use it or not could be a different story :roll:

nope i’m too cheap! I’d rather use a pencil and paper and spend the money on yarn.

Actually I use the i-GUESS-that’s-18-rows method most often :roll:

no way…but the gadget fiend in me lusts for it. :lol:

I have this guy, which I bought for 40% off at JoAnn’s.

I have great love of the Kacha-Kacha. Even my boyfriend enjoys it, though he is not alowed to wander the house going clicky-clicky-clicky when I’m working with it, for obvious reasons.

However, this one has an LCD screen. Whoa. It looks expensive (compared to paper/twisty counters/etc), pointlessly overkill, a tremendous waste of batteries in light of lower tech options…

And absolutly COOL. I’d buy one, if it were on a shelf in front of me and I didn’t have to wait for it to ship.

Ah yes, but can you count rows for more than one project on it? That’s the question! If I could save a count for one project, then start counting another then it would be more worth it.

Otherwise, I’ll stick to the piece of paper stuck in the same bag with my project.

I wonder how sensitive the buttons are on it? If you wore it hanging around your neck, it seems you could easily hit it with your needles when swapping them from hand to hand, and then accidently hit the buttons on the NKK counter.

Also, like Egeria said, if counts couldn’t be saved, this wouldn’t be very economical for the knitter who has several projects going at once.

I guess it depends on what kind of knitter you are, and how clumsy you are.

I personally wouldn’t buy it, because I tend to write out my patterns stitch by stitch and row by row, and tic off the stitches I’m done with, so a counter isn’t necessary for me.

BTW, I’m not OCD, just dyslexic and I lose count easily! lol.


[quote=“Egeria”]Ah yes, but can you count rows for more than one project on it? That’s the question! If I could save a count for one project, then start counting another then it would be more worth it.

Egeria, you need to patent that idea right now before somebody else does. That is a great idea.

The problem I see with all those counting things is you have to take your hands OFF your needles to write/tap, etc.

I want to see a similar thing - longer (to accomodate big foot) - that I can tap with my toe!!! THEN I might use it.


im tempted… im tempted… credit card geting weak… ok im fighting im fighting lol

I love my PDA and almost never use paper for anything anymore, including knitting. Check out this article and links for software to download. “Countable” is only an inexpensive $5.95, and can do what that digital gadget does. (Inexpensive, assuming you already have a PDA.)

I do have a way of counting rows in my head, but still prefer the write and tick method!

While knitting I’m usually counting stitches and rows - like this:

1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2 and so on, the first number being the stitch and the second number being the row. When I put my knitting down I write the last row I’ve finished with (or double check as I’ve been ticking rows off). Of course, my husband can never understand why I don’t like him talking to me while I knit!

Wish I could patent that idea for a multiple project row counter! Ah maybe I’ll have a nice dream about it tonight!

I’m new here and new to knitting, too. I’ve been wondering how one goes about keeping track of rows & stitches, and you all have given me some great ideas. (I like the PDA applications!)

I also ran across a little gadget at a local knitting shop that is a rather attractive bracelet that you use to count rows. You can see it here: Click on the “Counters” button on the left.

I’m not sure how to buy these doodads through the web site other than emailing her. They look pretty cool to me, though!

Knitters…it has an LCD AND a lanyard!! No more searching – you can wear it!! hehe. I wouldn’t order it and pay shipping, but if it was in front of me, and it was a weak moment, it would be mine.

I’ve had my eye on the red clicky counter – I’m still using paper/pencil or the kind that slip on a needle.


I tend to lean towards low-tech, just for the charm of working the old fashioned way. I love my beaded stitch counter bracelet. To me, a high-tech row counter would be the plastic red and white kind that slides onto the needle! :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I’ve been checking out sweater designing software lately. No real low-tech comparison for that kind of handy thing! It definitely has me drooling…


OK … So, I didn’t stumble across a new and innovative way to counts stitches, huh? :slight_smile: At least now I know it’s in vogue!

Amy, do you have a picture of your bracelet that we can see?