Check this out (totally OT but cool)

“There’s nothing wrong with helping people all the time, she told me, as long as you throw regular orgasms in there to help you keep perspective.”

Go to and send someone a funny card today. This is the coolest thing ever (I also got to see this artists work in person when I visited Santa Fe NM. It’s amazing)

Femi –

I just ran across your post from July! Brian Andreas’ name has been on my list of “gift ideas for me” for a very long time. I saw some of his prints in a store in Galena, IL a few years ago, and I fell in love with them.

What a neat site. I just ran across this on a print:

“My aunt had a poodle she dressed in little red sweaters with little dangly ball things & I don’t think it was any wonder that dog was so vicious.”