Check out these knitterly cupcakes!

actual real cupcakes, especially for knitters, I’d say! :inlove:

close up photos here

There’s also directions to show how to make them!

[B]I like them,they are nice,thank you.[/B]

They are SO cute!!! I have a friend who makes “famous” cupcakes for things at school … i am sure she will make some for me … or teach me how !!!

I think those are the cutest flippin’ cupcakes I have ever seen :inlove::inlove::inlove:

That is so incredibly cool !! Too bad my knitting group meets tonight and then takes a break for the summer … I will have to bookmark the page and try to remember them for when we start up again in the fall.

thank you for sharing :cheering:

:inlove: :inlove:

Oh. My. God. Those are absolutely unbelieveable!!! That is just awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

Those are so cute, I want to make some!

Mmmm cupcakes with knitting on them. Is there anything better?

Well, maybe chocolate knitting needles…

:inlove: It’d feel sinful to eat them. They’re amazing!

At first I thought they were FAKE cupcakes!! It’s incredible how much that marzipan looks like it’s [B]really[/B] knitted!

Ok, those are really cool!

Those look amazing, too good to actually eat. Thanks for sharing.


:roflhard: Those would last just about as long as it took me to eat an actual chocolate knitting needle!

That’s amazing! I think I’m going to try that, I’ve been wanting to make some cupcakes for a while now :)) So why not knitting themed ones?!


Those are so awesome, Thanks for sharing:cheering:

SO going to make those!!! :smiley:


These have totally inspired me to make some fimo knitting stuff - going to make needle toppers, I think :slight_smile: Balls of wool etc… will post pics if they work :wink:

Marzipan is so awesome…you can make just about anything with it
(check out this baby made out of marzipan and these marzipan fruits)! These cupcakes are ADORABLE!!! And the heading at the top of the blog says that it’s a vegan site, which I’m even MORE amazed about, because it’s not always easy to make vegan treats that turn out so perfect. How talented!

If only my knitting looked as great as her marzipan decorations! :rofl:

They are so cute. Look too cute to eat.:inlove: