Check out my avatar!

My son’s gf, who just took up residence with him, has a 6-foot boa who moved in also. Instead of grandchildren, I have 2 grand-cats and perhaps a soon to be grand-snake.

Why would a nice, well-educated woman want a boa constrictor as a pet? (Sorry all you snake lovers.) Ick.

that is the coolest avatar ever!!! :lol:

ha! CUTE avatar!!!

Here's ya go.... :thumbsup:

Very cool! Maybe DH can give us a little tutorial some time?

sure…dh would do that I think…he’s good. That took him about 15 minutes!!

Thanks for the iguana pic…my in laws have a place in the keys and see them from time to time…I want to go to Costa Rica just to see them!! :wink:

Why would a well educated woman want a reptile for a pet??? My mother is still searching for the same answer!!! LOL!

Really no explanation needed…everyone has their “thing” :wink:

Clever Avatar! Kudos to your DH!

I think she’s trying to start a fire with those two sticks. Must not be hot enough weather yet for her. :lol:

yea…it was hard to get the sticks just right mostly b/c we had to get real creative w/ his hands…those hands don’t really belong to that lizard but they were close enough…I asked dh if he could make the yarn move too and he gave me that look that meant that I was pushing it a little…:slight_smile: LOL

:XX: Hey, Christy:
I am here in Newnan, Ga…my grown daughter and I had iguanas, too! We also have weiner dogs…have you taken yours to the Halloween Dachshaund (?) parade in Atlanta? We dress ours up and go. :smiley:

That’s fantabulous!