Check it! Knitted Babes KAL site

I searched “knitted babes” and this is just one of the sites i found. i’ve been fretting over what type of yarn to use for hair on mine…
ideas ideas!!!
i’ve got the body done for one doll so far, just need to put her together and give her a “look”


Those are actually kinda fun looking. I’ll have to show my dd those. Were they hard to make? I am still just learning. Thanks for the site.

I haven’t found the body hard to knit. The arms and legs are just stockingette 4 sts wide (I opted to do a 4 st I cord instead, having strips for legs just seems creepy to me) and the front and back of the body are the same pattern knit twice. I have had a harder time finding just the right yarn for the skin tone/texture I want, I guess for it to “speak” to me as to the doll character I’m making. I’ll have to post in my blog how it goes once I get more organized and can get pics uploaded… :thumbsup: