Cheap yarn

anyone know of a good online stores to buy yarn? reasonable to cheap prices? im a poor teen so i need to save my money lol

Dear Miss_knitt,

I think it is super that you are a teen knitter! I have had some luck with the following link, however, keep in mind that you will be paying for shipping/handeling also. That may bring your online shopping total up^$ and take away the great deal.

I think you will do great!


yeah, i know about the shipping and handling, but id rather order online n get the right stuff in the color i like then having to settle for something that im not pleased with. ive looked at my craft store’s yarn, i left feeling alil sad inside

I have to give a word about Herrschners. I ordered about 5 skeins of yarn from them and 2 of the skeins were Noro Kureyon. They stuffed them into a paper envelope, without any plastic protection, and stuck them in the mail. My order arrived to me wet and torn open. I wrote to them, telling them how I had managed to dry everything and save it and asked if they would please amend the way they ship their items and I was told that they would not, since that has been a tried and true method for them. :rollseyes: So obviously they didn’t care.

Just thought I’d give the benefit of my experience with them. has some decent yarn for really reasonable prices. The only problem is that you have to order $30 worth. is also good. has several yarns at 25% off and often some at 50% !!! :cheering:

My vote is for Knitpicks as well!

I vote for knitpicks too! At Smiley’s you have to spend $30 and then pay $10 for shipping…but at KnitPicks if you spend $30 they ship for free! :mrgreen:

I’ve also gotten some lovely yarn from – very fast shipping.

I fourth!

I just received a shipment of Crystal Palace Musique in lagoon and yellow tulips from No shipping if you order $100. This will be two sweaters and a scarf for Xmas. The shipping was VERY fast (2 days) and yarn was well packed.

I’ve got another shipment on its way from Here you do have to order in complete bags of 10 balls, but I only bought discontinued yarn and the prices were great. Averaged out to $1.73 per 50 gm ball for all the yarn I bought - 9 bags of ten. Hopefully this will arrive today. Lots of good stash enhancement!

I’ve also ordered from recently and had good luck with them too, although one ball of my TLC Cotton had THREE knots in it - yuck


Wow–MaryS :cheering: I think you win the prize for amount of wool ordered for today anyway! I bow to the Queen of Yarn by Mail Order!! :thumbsup: :XX: I’d be so excited if I had all that yarn to look forward to! :heart:

I have bought knitting needles and yarn at our local Goodwill store when I started out. Also passing yard/garage sales might have some.


I have had very good experiences with Elann, knitpics and patternworks (but patternworks is not cheap. occasionally they have a sale though) I aslo scour the goodwills and yard sales. Every once in a while you can find a real treasure. Then there’s also going to Goodwill and finding a sweater in a nice yarn but ugly pattern so rip out the sweater and you got yerself a big bunch o yarn. You can also make yer own needles by taking a needle measure thingy to the hardware store and getting dowels really cheap and making needles out of them. I’ve done this a lot. Also (OK only one more also) if you find a good GAP sweater or Nordstroms or something in 100% wool (or even at least 50% wool) in white, you die it with kool-aid. So yeah, lots cheap alternatives

anybody else have trouble with the knittingwarehouse link? I tried to just type the addy myself, but it seems to be unavailable… hmmm :?

Aha! hyphenate the knitting-warehouse… :doh: silly me…

Everyone knows my answer…KNITPICKS IS #1 has excellent deals
accessories, I would say and
sock yarn (other than knitpicks, of course :wink: ) is a specialty sock site that has MOST EXCELLENT sock yarn & runs sales…
Oh yeah :?? , did I menition! :wink:

you can get some pretty good deals on ebay, especially people who are clearing out stashes. No big deals at the e-bay stores, but they often have interesting yarns. Don’t forget to figure in the shipping when you bid. I just picked up about 10 skeins of wool-ease for $16 (that’s with the shipping).

Joann’s on line was selling wool-ease for $1.99 a skein which in my area is a really good price. It’s a nice, easy yarn to work with, washable and lots o’colors.

Congrats on your new talent. It will give you many years of pleasure.

Ok, here’s a deal for you…

While I do not have any experience with this personally, and you don’t get any choice in the order, all you have to pay for is shipping.

I understand from others who have ordered that the yarns are not “junk” but sometimes machine weight, which means you’d have to double it.

Couldn’t hurt to look???

Wow, that Newtons thing is pretty cool. Might be good for some Christmas gifts (especially if you get some good wool to felt up some purses) I am gonna check out some reviews and maybe get some of that stuff!