Cheap sub for Blue Sky Alpaca?

I want to knit the blanket in Last Minute Knitted gifts but the bloody thing calls for 30+ skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. Does anyone know of a cheap alternative that comes in lots of earth tones? Otherwise, I figured out this blanket would cost me over $250. :shock:

knitpicks has all KINDS of Alpaca yarns! Pure and blended…check 'em out! Just find one that knits at the same gauge/is the same weight.

I saw their alpaca yarn but they didn’t have any colors similar to what I wanted for the blanket. this blanket has a bunch of browns and tans. I really wanted to use their stuff since it’s so cheap but hmmm… I guess I could use a different sport weight yarn. I’ll have to look more at their stuff.

You could try

They often have some great stuff at really reduced prices!!



ok, i’m a big ole ninny…i just typed all of this wisdom…then didn’t post it…lost it!!
I have the book & the blanket is very, very scrumptcious!! If u r insisting on the alpaca like the book says…then might I suggest EBAY…all sorts of yarn over there!! I was just there…more yarn than u can :fingerwag: a stick at!
or…u could go the dye it yourself route
however u go…keep up posted!
good nite, my friend :zzz:

I’m not at all stuck on alpaca but I definitely want the colors. All of the sportweight yarn I’ve seen either isn’t any cheaper or doesn’t come in the colors I need.

I checked eBay the other day and didn’t find anything but I should go look again. Who knows what I’ll find.