Chat Tonight

Please see the KH group for other than US time zones. HappeninTari has posted a thread with a LOT of useful information.

I’m having a problem getting in the room from this PC, there are a lot of firewalls in my way. However, I will be on standby in MSN, AOL, and Yahoo! Messengers, so please add me to your list if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Awww poor ek. We were missing you last night, too!

we CAN chat on other nights, you know! just not on thursdays, that’s when survivor is on :thumbsup:

WE sure can! As a matter of fact, I’m headed there right now.

Where do I find this chat? How do I sign up? ~Brooke

Go here

Have fun … :verysad:

AWWWWWWWWw, EKGGGGG!!! Dont sulk! We WUV you and miss you! [size=2](Although, it seems you are posting just as often… :smiley: )[/size]

I’m trying not sulk, but I can’t help it … :oops: :shock: Are ya kiddin’ me …I’m down to like a few posts a day now. :shock: And let’s not mention all the posts that I haven’t even read. :blush: I totally can’t keep up with’em now. The days of ready EVERY post are on hiatus…