Chat room is open

Hey, Brownish Coat and I are here. Come on in.

boy, it’s been busy tonight!

[color=darkblue]I’ve been looking and looking and don’t see how you get to the chat place.
Susie :?? [/color]

at the top of the screen you see the word forum. click on it and you can choose between forum and chat.

Anyway, I’ll be there for a while…

[color=darkblue]Thanks. I’ll give it a whirl sometime. I can’t now as we are due for a house full today.
Have fun,
Susie [/color]

well, it’s no fun on my own. I guess I’m gonna have lunch now. Most of you are probably asleep now :wink:

[color=darkblue]It is 7:09am here. Everyone should be up. I’ve been up for over 4 hours. :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna risk it while I’m at work. It’s going to be a busy weekend; I’m thinking Sunday evening will probably be my next opportunity.

:muah: :muah: :muah: To my KH chat friends!

I’m in the chat. I’ll most likely be in there all day while at work. :thumbsup:

It’s harder to get in there at night since I want to spend time with my honey and I’m busy at home.