Chat room has been moved

With all of the trouble that the Yahoo chat seems to be causing everyone, we’re temporarily moving the chat room. Many thanks to Roxy for finding this chat ‘server’.

The NEW room is here:

All you need to do to chat is go to that link, enter in a nickname and #KHChat in the Chan: # feild.

You don’t have to register. The Y! group will be kept up, of course.



I am beginning to feel teased …




EKG. sweetie poo-kins, I just dont know what to do to console you!!! :frowning:

I’m in…and I just registered for the yahoo thingy… :??
I’m so easily confused, too…
What time is the chatting taking place?
I’ve never done this knit chat dealy…what goes on?! Tell me, tell me true.

The “official” times are Mondays 8pm EST/5pm PT. I’ve been told that some folks are meeting at 5 est on Mondays, and other days between 1-4 during the week.

I’d love some more input on good times/days from everyone. How does everyone’s schedule look for Wednesdays?

Hey! I got in! It worked! I don’t feel quite so worthless, now. I’m amazed at all the quirky computer stuff I’ve missed by not having an internet connection. I’m not a computer novice, I did program a Vic20 back in the early 80’s and I used computers at most of my jobs, but wow there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know how to do. But I’m also picking up computer skills through KH!

Wednesday is a good night for me. Monday is alright, but I’m not home from choir before 8:45.

Generally if KK Beldie and I are there we talk about non-knitty things… the chances of that increase exponentially when one or more of the following are true…

  1. All 3 of us are there
  2. One of us is drinking
  3. All of us are drinking
  4. Beldie went shopping
  5. Beldie took a shower and “thought” something
  6. KK sees Howie and feels compelled to mention it… again… :heart:
  7. My student teacher does somethng exceptionally ridiculous
  8. Anyone mentions Walmart
  9. Beldie’s boy is on camera
  10. Either of us had special time with DH (our own DH, not each other’s)

I think we might spontaneously combust if all of these things were true at once (hey we should try that!) Don’t worry we PM each other all the naughty words :smiley:

I have plans to go shopping tomorrow and on Sunday. Tomorrow I am taking my son to the zoo, but need to buy him a hat. Sunday will be browsing for a new purse.

I should have 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 covered and part of 1 for tomorrow.

And, let’s not forget:

  1. Hilde is on a rant about her testosterone-filled, tooting kitty, but in a sudden turn gets all mushy and exclaims “AWWWW…KIIIIIITYYYY…I LUUUUV YOUUUUUU!” :wink:

  2. Beldie is experiencing the unusually extreme encumbrance of her huge upper body woman-parts. :shock:

Are we developing reputations as the BAD GIRLS of KH?? :devil: Should we get matching pink jackets, ala “Grease”?

[size=2]P.S. Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie Howie.[/size]

You guys, are SO bad.

  1. Once in a while, we actually talk about KNITTING!

Neicey (me) is headed to the room now.