Chat resched to Tuesdays?

I hate it when this happens, but looks like I’m going to have to move the chat night to Tuesdays, if that’s alright with everyone. I’m going thru the court rounds again, and most of the appointments are piling up on me on Mondays. Next Monday is also Open House night at the kids’ school.

Tommorow night, I’d like to discuss starting a knitting group/stitch n’ bitch. If the gals can make it, I’ll have my group sit in for some good feedback on how we all met up and stuff. I’ve seen a lot of comments on the forum about folks anxious to talk about starting their own groups, so this should be interesting!

Hope to see you there!

What time do your chats start? Being sort of new here I’ve never been to the chat.


Tuesdays ARE better for me, actually…

But, let’s not forget, ladies, that the chat room is open 24-7 for general nonsense and silliness (and knitting discussion)!! Just click on “Forum” at the top right there, and choose “CHAT”!

The chat Deni is referring to is the “official” weekly themed chat that she kindly moderates.

Aww, thanks for that lovely introduction Kelly.

Chat usually starts at 8pm EST for official chats. Usually, in the afternoon there is a small crowd hanging out. I heard a rumor that there were Thursday afternoon chats, but that’s about all the info I have on that.