Chat error

I’m getting an error again, when I try to log into the chat room. The window where the conversation is says Action Canceled. :shock:

yeah this is a bad… I have a chat setup on my site if you all are really hot and bothered to chat… but … It could be many different things…

funny I just logged into my chat server and it’s doing the same thing… I need to figure htis out (As amy and I use the same software)

I can’t even figure out how the chat works. I was going to try. I login and then it takes me to a page that says “register” or “login” so I chose login and then I am back to the original page, so I enter my password again and it does not work… duh, I think I did not totally register… I am out to try again! :doh:

Dang… I was just about to re: asking for the link of the chat

Okay, I registered and it appears to still have a bug in it, at least on my end. I will give it some time since Norman said he was having some trouble and was going to research it. Thanks Norman! This is my first time in the KH Chat area. I don’t quite know how it works, but I’ll learn. :wink:

well I’m researching my chat… which is the same software… but I can’t fix amys… sorry… :slight_smile: I’m not that good :slight_smile:

IF you’re in the mood to register ONE MORE TIME:

We can move it over to the old old chat group…

If you have a Yahoo ID you should be able to just join. If not, sigh you’ll have to create a Yahoo ID…I’m sure Amy will have this thing fixed soon. Chin up, folks!

This is really odd… I’m not getting the same exact error as amy… but close enough ya know… wierd…

Joy mine works now… mine was a firewall issue… :slight_smile:

DISREGARD my earlier statement and just log in here: wiht your regular ID and password

then jump over to KH Room in the right menu. Much easier, if you haven’t already done the yahoo thing.

Thanks Norm!

No … just use your id
NO need to register… we accept guests… once in, there is a frame to the right… pick KNIT from the drop down and click go

I’m just here to help… I know you chat junkies… :wink: heh

Yeah that’s what I meant, just Norm said it clearly. Hes’ good for that.

ok. I’m in but :?? I can’t figure out where/how to type… :?? :oops: :oops: :oops:

It should be like amys… at the very bottom there should be a place to type… and you press enter to send

there’s a bar at the bottom athat’s empty, type in that. I was trying to see if that was you, but didn’t get an answer. Duh me, ya didn’t know how to type. jUst type in that empty bar, and hit enter

omg I feel so dumb, I don’t see an empty bar or an ‘x’…

you might have to scroll down on the page a bit, it hides when you’re screen isn’t full of chat yet

Try to maximize the browser too… I’ve not modified this chat software so I don’t have it sized for a specific browser… and my screens resolutions are pretty big so I never sually have a problem