Chat, 8ish EST

Norman/Dave has let us use his chat room again. KH’s isn’t working.
Go to:
Log in as usual
Once you’re there, select KHRoom on the right hand side under select room.

Bump…I can hear crickets in here. Join Jackie and I!

I tried but just as I got there, it flipped to say “0” in the room. :??

Oooh… I’d love to join in a chat!! How do I get in??

Yikes! EMAIL ME y’all, if the room isn’t working! How long has it been down?..

amy runs out of the room in a tizzy

Hmmmm, it’s working for me… Are you still having probs Denise?

It’s working now, but Tuesday it wasn’t working at all when Dave and I went in. He uses the same chat software as you, and says that he just needed to reset his to fix his when it wasn’t working…ya might want to ask him, this isn’t my area. :slight_smile: