Chart symbol upside down triangle

This symbol definition reads Make 2 stitches out of 3: K2tog, put the 2.stitch back to the left needle and knit it together with the 3, stitch through the back loop. When I knit 2 tog and put back on left needle and then knit together with 3 stitch I end up with 1 stich out of 3. I also have looked everywhere for this chart symbol and can find no chart symbol listing where this symbol exists. Any answers here - can’t go any further w/o knowing how to interpret.

What pattern are you doing? A link to it if possible would be great; otherwise the name of the pattern and designer is helpful.

I wonder if the bunny ears/paired decrease in these videos is what you’re supposed to be doing. She shows different ways to do the 2 sts from 3 sts decrease.

Paired decrease 3 stitches to 2 - 'bunny ears’
Paired decrease 3 stitches to 2 - ‘bunny ears’ REDUX