Chart or Written Instructions?

I’m doing my own pattern (shoot me now) for a friend and was curious what is preferred by most of you. Is it better/preferred to send the item (using a somewhat unique stitch repeat, but not hard) via a chart for the row to row stitch instructions OR should I write it out for each row (i.e. k3, SSK, k5, YO, k1, YO, k5, k2tog, k3…okay, so that isn’t my actual stitches but you get the idea).

(I’m currently knitting it from charts I made and it doesn’t bug me much but I DO have 3+ pieces of paper floating around me at any given time.)

Thank you guys for your input. Oh and also, this pattern changes (at least for a while) due to adding stitches for a raglan sleeve, if that makes a diff.

Thanks again!

Personally, I like written instructions. I even put my instructions in Excel and do each row after for example “All Even Rows K”.

Well for me although I have figured out how to read a chart I often write my self notes for each row. I haven’t yet picked up the look at the chart and make it happen. When I have the chart first I have to blow it up so I can see it and then if it isn’t an easy repeat I will take notes. It just makes it easier for me. Maybe after years of charts I will automatically know how many squares are sitting there with out stopping to count but for now this is what I am stuck with doing.

LOL… that is what I have to do as well (“Ok. Now I’ve gotta knit…1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Ok”)

Thanks for you guys’ input. I think I’ll go ahead and write this bad boy out in written form for my friend so as to HOPEFULLY make it a little easier to follow. (Maybe easier for me as well.)


Sometimes if I am working on a complicated pattern I will write out a few rows if there is only a chart. It’s not that hard to do. It’s really a toss up for me. If the pattern has lots of complicated instructions that are easy to get jumbled I like to have both. Simply repeating patterns are easy to read on a chart, though. I appreciate the designer who recognizes that people like both ways and will offer both as an option.

I agree - written directions. Charts get me dislexic (sp?) in a hurry! Not to mention cross-eyed.

Usually written, but for some things like fancy cables and simple geometric lace/eyelet, a chart can be good.

Personally, I love charts. I’ll chart a written pattern just to make it easier for me to follow.:shrug:

I like the written instructions for backup when I start the pattern. Have to admit though after a few rows, I don’t look at them again. Guess it’s a security blanket thing for me.

I have to have written directions. If I find a pattern I like the look of and it has a chart I will sit and write it out even though it takes me a long time to mess with it. When companies put out their patterns they need to take older people into consideration who have a hard enough time seeing as it is, and those tiny little charts are no help LOL

I don’t mind working from charts either way. But, when I write a pattern I write out the instructions…generally speaking because I don’t want to go thru the chart writing process, lol!