Chart help

I’m making this
Tam B. My question is…beginning with row 30 it starts the decreases, no problemo there, I understand the sskp.
Do I knit that stitch/box right above the row 30 decrease box? Or do I ignore it as a place holder? For instance, in row 30 I’m doing the sskp in the first box right?, What am I doing in row 31 first box? Nothing? Or do I knit it?
Also, to make sure…is the sskp stitch in row 30 it’s own stitch that fills that first box or do I count the stitch left on the needle after the sskp as the first stitch to the left in the pattern?

Knit the stitch in the blank boxes above the s2kp’s.

When you read a chart, the box represents what’s left after you do the stitch, so the s2kp boxes are read as is. You’re going down to 1 stitch, so the box takes up 1 space. This particular chart gets smaller as the decreases are done, so you don’t have to compensate in any way for the change in stitch count.

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