Charity Knitting

Hi my name is Yvonne. I am new to this site and this is my first post. I have been actively knitting for 42 years and class myself as a knitaholic. I had a sort out last year of all my oddments and decided to knit teddies to give to children all over the world as a gift of love. To date I have sent out over 200 and have more in the pipeline. Will chat more as time goes by, it’s great to read what people are doing. Keep up the good work everyone. best wishes:hug:

That’s wonderful! What organization do you go through? I’m sure all of the bears are very loved. :grin:

That’s wonderful, Trammy! Is this like the Mother Bear project?

What a wonderful work!!! :thumbsup:

Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments. I just started to knit the bears because I was bored with the baby knitting and wanted to use up all the odd wool I had but it got a little out of hand. I contacted the local newspaper because many organisations in the UK did not want the bears because of the colours that I had knitted them in. The paper ran a story and had a great response by email and phone from small local charities that were willing to take them. They are like the Mother Bear Project but mine are all one colour and I use ribbon instead of knitting a scarf.:hug:

Hi, Trammy. I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Any time you want to post photos, we would love to see what you’re doing.

Just today I found the CuddlesUK Knit Bear, which is a lot like the Mother Bear… only a little smaller and all one color.

Here in the U.S. the Fisher House in North Carolina wants toys for children in their hospital. Maybe I’ll send some their way. Thanks for the inspirition! :hug:

Hi Trammy. It is great what you are knitting. The kids would love the teddy bears. God Bless You.

Sandy in N.Z.

They turned them down because they didn’t like the colors? :passedout: