Charity Knitting when allergic to wool

Hi there,

One of my resolutions this year for knitting is to do some charity knitting, but I’m not really sure where to start. My problem is I’m really allergic to wool and any animal fibres, so probably couldn’t do the continual ones where other people have done knitting before. I was wondering if there are any forum drives for things that I could knit without going near wool? I can use any cottons, acrylics, bamboo etc, just not animal fibres.

I hope there’s something I can do!
Fi xxx

This same problem has always stopped me from joining a charity KAL.

I am very allergic to anything wool or animal fiber related. I can stand near wool, but I cannot touch it at all. I can touch (meaning knit with) bamboo, silk, acrylic or cotton with no problems.

Sigh. I miss out on so much having this nasty allergy.

However, at least I CAN knit; there are yarns out there I CAN use which is something to be grateful for!

This setback just means I will never become a “yarn snob” because I won’t ever have the pure “porn” pleasure of going to the LYS and touching the mmmmmm. Sigh.

The Oddball Baby Blankets use 100% acrylic!

Or, you could knit 12 inch squares, with any washable worsted weight yarn you want, and mail them to me to seam into afghans for charity.

Or, you could knit preemie baby items, which usually require acrylic or cotton yarn, to avoid allergic reactions for the little babies. You could just knit some of those things up, then take them to your local hospital.

[COLOR=darkorchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Most [I]U.S.[/I] charity knitting organizers prefer acrylic yarn because off the possible allergies of the recipients and the washability factor.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][I]Other parts of the world[/I] often prefer wool for the better warmth factors.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid]We’re doing log cabin blankets out of Red Heart if you want to join us![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

Thank you so much everyone :slight_smile: I feel energised that there’s something I can do. Unfortunately I can’t join the Red Heart one because I’m in the UK so we don’t get Red Heart (much to my chagrin). I will definitely do the squares, though. I was talking to a friend tonight, too, with whom I’m starting a knitting group this year (we hope) and we were thinking it would be a good once a month or a quarter thing to do - gather squares from members to be sent for packages :slight_smile:

Thanks all, hope to post more soon :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

Hi i was about to post about asking knitting for charity’s when you are allergic to wool. I can use wool blends but not pure it brings me out in a bad rash also was wondering while asking this, can i knit socks with none wool based wool.

At the moment i am re knitting diamonds and other odd shapes into blankets. they were donated to Oxfam where i am the craft section volunteer , and when complete are sold to young people at festivals and the money used to helps Oxfams charity works. They seem to like the random colors and different textures.

Nice thing about our charity is you do not need to use wool matter of fact we ask you not to use wool, if youe knitting for premature babies that is!!! :wink:

Hello :slight_smile:

If you look in the Oddball baby blankets (the Snowbear project) thread the Shandeh posted above you’ll see that we’ve got a few blankets started for the UK knitters, if you want to join us on any you’ll be welcome :slight_smile:

This is one of my favorite sites: I would do things with them if I was on the other side of the pond. :knitting:

Have you heard of this one…

they seem open to non-wool items.