Charity Knitting time!!!

Hello fellow knitters! I just finished a bunch of baby mitts and hats for a group we work with here in Ontario Canada called “In From The Cold”. They supply the yarn and we knit up whatever they need… A few weeks ago the asked if we could do up some baby mitts and our group thought we could mix a few hats in there…:blush:. This is my contribution. It was so much fun trying to incorporate different ‘patterns’ in the knit. I used my Preemie Hats by Marissa Browning and upped the stitches to make a bigger size. It seemed to work out ok… I used “Teenie Tiny Knit Mitts by We Knit Together” to make up the mitts. By accident I used worsted weight yarn and they gave me bigger mitts/hats but it seemed to work out ok too! I can’t wait to get a pic of all our knitters/crocheters projects to share. They are a pretty amazing group. Anyway, it’s back to my Christmas knitting. I already have an order for Leg warmers from my grand niece! It appears they are back in style! Who knew??? :rofl:. Happy knitting everyone and although it’s a little early, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US…


Those are so adorable and cozy too! They will be appreciated for the warmth and cheery colors.
What a great group of knitters and crocheters.

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Beautiful hats and mitts. . .thank you for your generosity.

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These are lovely, with nice bright colours - well done! I love how you have the mittens joined in pairs.


I thought everyone would like to see the final take. We have a total of 148 knitted and crocheted items. We have hats & mitts (babies, kids and adults), scarves, cowls, sweaters, baby blankets, dish rags and slippers. A lot of the yarn was donated by “Comforting the Cold”, but also with yarn provided by the knitters and crocheters. What a crew Clarkson Stitch are…:hugs:. We all loved doing it and looking forward to starting the next batch… Some of our knitters are already at it! :smile:. Personally I have to finish up my Christmas knitting first…:wink:. I hope you enjoy the results! It’s great knowing that something we love doing can help so many. Happy holidays everyone! May the season and new year bring you lots of love and joy…:hugs:


You and your group have helped ensure happy holidays for so many. It’s an impressive donation.

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God bless you and your group. That will warm up so many people that is need.

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Great collection of knit projects!