Charity Knitting Links


Post your charity knitting links here!!!

Interweave Knits Charity Knitting List

Newborns in Need

Threads of Love - find a chapter in your area!

SusanB’s Charity Page

Headhuggers Chemo Hats

Bev’s Afghanistan Project Page

“Ray of Hope” UK Charity Knitting

Special Knitting Forces

Stitches from the Heart

Project Linus Baby Blankets

Little Miracles Group - Knit for preemies and teenage mothers

The Daily Knitter Charity Knitting

Red Scarf Project - Norma Knits Blog with info

Guideposts Sweater Project

Afghans for Afghans

Knitting for Veterans

Operation Toasty Toes - Slippers for Soldiers

Warm Woolies - Knitting for Orphans and Poverty Stricken Children

I’ll make another post with Charity Knitting Pattern Links


Wow Thanks for them.


You’re VERY welcome! :muah:


Here’s one a friend of mine just told me about the Dulaan Project .It is a group knitting for the impoverished in Mongolia.

Another Chemocap Group

One of my favorites charity has knitters make outfits for teddy bears to give to kids in homeless shelters. The sweaters are great stash busters!!!


Here is one that I knit for.


I posted about one of my favorites here…it’s Project Linus

After I saw this thread, I thought to add it here too…I hope that’s ok. :pray:


PS. Just found this one too…MIRACLES HAPPEN


Of COURSE it’s okay!! :muah:


Thank you so much for the list. I’ve only been knitting for about a year, but have wanted to do “something” with my new found hobby. This list has been very helpful. I just can’t decide which charity to knit for! :slight_smile:



Great idea. This is for making of Dudza dolls for children in Africa.


That is so cool, KT120! :hug:


[CENTER][B][SIZE=“6”]Knitting for Peace[/SIZE][/B] :heart:

Mission: To incorporate charity knitting into our already busy knitting repertoire.[/CENTER]

You may be interested in joining our group if:[/I]

[li]You already love to knit (or crochet, sew, quilt). Why not share your skills and creativity with others?
[li]You are interested in learning a new craft and would like to learn from others in a casual, friendly environment.
[li]You have thought about volunteering and felt overwhelmed with options or a busy schedule.
[li]You are a creative person looking for a group who shares your interests.

Come check it out, even if you are not sure about knitting for charity. It is not a requirement, simply an enhancement to something you may already be doing.

We will be choosing recipients for our group projects every 2 months (6 times per year). This way you will have plenty of time for your own knitting projects, and you can participate in the charity projects that speak to your heart.

Check out our website to view our latest project and meetup events!


That group is in Connecticut, so we won’t all be able to participate.


I have long felt that poor rural people get very little press coverage by our media. If you’re looking for a GREAT charity, run totally by volunteers, you should check out They help the many truly poor people in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. They need knitted goods for any age person. I recently visited them and saw them in action. A more dedicated group of volunteers you will never meet! Anything you send will be most greatly appreciated.


This broke my heart - we don’t want babies going home wrapped in newspaper!

And this is my regular charity…
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Thanks, jillliv!
That is a WAY cool project! :thumbsup:

I’m definitely participating in that one.


Does anyone know of knitted/crocheting charity dedicated to moms/parents of babies who died with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

I was looking at Threads of Love, but that seems more focused towards those parents that have lost babies to miscarriage, fetal death or prematurity.

Thanks for any assistance.


I love this site,joined in sep.:muah:


I am a member of the preemie project. We knit hats,booties,blankets, and bereavement items to help sickly preemies and families struggling for life:heart:I absolutely love this organization and the knits are very very fast and very helpful and much appreciated;)Check this site out… I guarantee you will be more than willing to help or at the very least think those handknits are so darn cute:teehee:

We donate all over the USA and beyond.
We also donate alot of bereavement items to

:muah: Mary


This is a site I just found out about. It is an orphanage in Kaz… (ah cant’ spell it, read the link) A woman posted about it on Ravelry in the International Adoption group. Anyway, it sounds like a pretty small group trying to supply these kids. I suggested to her to contact Warm Woolies to see if they could help, they have had help from Children in Common in the past.

In January they need socks and I have already started a pair that I will be felting.

Anyone who wants to send warm wool socks to very cold kids please check it out.