Charity Knitting in Houston Area (Humble)?

This sure is a very wonderful forum. There are so many wonderful caring souls … I commend all of you!:cheering:

I live in Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita area North East of Houston. I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows of any charity knitting programs in my area? I have been making baby caps and wrist warmers and delivering them to the Texas Childrens Hospital.

If there are some other places locally that have needs for knitted items I would love to help out. Or if you know of any knitting groups in the area … that would be awesome too.

Gods Blessings … KC

I don’t know of any charities in paritcular near houston (lovely place BTW) but the first part of this forum has a thread with MANY favorites charities that would:heart::heart::heart::heart: take to your knitted items of your hands… ~!

Hi Nascardudette! :waving: [SIZE=1](love your name!!!) [SIZE=2]Welcome to the foum![/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]I just moved to the Houston area in The Woodlands. I joined the knitting guild (KNOT - Knitters North of Town). Everyone is really nice and welcomed me with open arms. Check out our link of all the Houston people [/SIZE][/SIZE]here.

My LYS, Twisted Yarns in Old Town Spring, give you $1 off for any baby hats that you bring in. I think some other stores may do the same thing, but I’m not sure exactly what.

Nice to meet you!

Thanks JJ for the info on the other local groups. I have been to Twisted Yarn a couple of times … bought some nice yarn for a cute baby poncho for my grandbaby. It is a nice shop.


You might check at Merribee’s ( Karuna Sood, the owner, has a group that meets called Project Hope.

Nice little shop as well. Karuna is a wonderful, warm lady and makes every single person who walks in there feel welcome!

I live in Kingwood. I would like to be in a charity knitting group.
So , do we need to form one?

A friend of mine, Norma, goes to New Life Church in Spring and they knit prayer shawls for charity. The church’s phone number is 281-353-5935 if you want to call them for more info. I live too far away (Sugar Land) to enjoy the group!

Hi Nell …
I would love to participate in a local charity knitting group, would be cool if we discovered some more locals.

I am still very new to the area/Texas as I moved here 10/05 from California. I lived there all my life, so my social circle was HUGE … here not so much.

It would be nice if we had a local yarn store or even bookstore … I suppose Deerwood is the closest? And Twisted Yarn for the LYS, but for a quick sit and knit that is a bit of a drive.

Right now I am working on 6x9 squares for the injured soldiers [COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR] It is a great charity and it allows me to be creative and produce quick items, I am on my 3rd square in about a week. I also knit baby caps for charity - I was deliver them to Texas Childrens Hospital (TCH). And I LOVE making wrist warmers (fingerless gloves) but have not yet found a good resource for them.

OH and last … I volunteer at H.A.A.M and talked to them about needs and they say that they could use the childrens caps for the Season of Sharing project. I was thinking maybe FamilyTime, another local agency could also use the handmade items as they receive and place families in need.

So that is what I know … sorry for the late response - I didn’t have this thread linked to my email … I DO NOW.

Be happy to hear your ideas!!


The Emmazinggrace foundation is located in the Woodlands in the Houston area. They have recently received their [FONT=Lucida Sans][COLOR=#000022]501©3 non-profit status from the IRS. [/COLOR][/FONT]

They are collecting burial gowns (knitted, sewn, crocheted) that they deliver to hospitals that need them.

I met Candy, the founder of emmazinggrace through our group at Lucybug does not accept donations directly, but has a list of a few organizations, including emmazinggrace, that accept knitted items for preemies and/or for infant burial. Lucybug runs a blog where people can share pattern ideas and support for knitting for these tiny ones.

I know that there are no deadlines for items Candy receives. She gets calls from hospitals all over and tries to fill their needs anytime she can, so she is always looking for more items to fill these needs.

Mama Bear