Charity Blankets

I don’t know if something like this currently exists, but I’d like to start making blankets for charity out of remnants folks would send in. I know that from making my blanket, I’m going to end up with a decent amount of leftover yarn that I don’t have a ton of use for, and I’m sure you’ve encountered the same.

So, I’m putting out a call for your bulky remnants (or if you’re feeling charitable, for new yarn), a “call to yarns,” if you will. :pray:

I just thought of doing this about 15 minutes ago so haven’t reflected too much on the logistics. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

If you’d like to give :inlove:, please email me directly at

Thanks frieknds!

You might want to join us in the Charity Knitting section.

Over 100 of us are joining forces to make Oddball Blankets, Oddball Shawls, and Oddball Lapghans for charity.

LOL Tons of charity stuff going on in the charity forum as Sandy said. That’s about all I do. :shifty:

VERY true, Jan! You have always been an inspiration to me with your charity knitting projects. You leave me in the DUST! :notworthy:

I love charity stuff… it uses up scrap yarn, no gauge needed and you can test patterns to your hearts content! PLUS I have no babies to knit for so I can make all those cute baby sweaters. :wink:

And best of all… I can help some less fortunate and have some fun and learning while I’m at it. :wink: