Charity baby hat help

I know there are some here that knit for charity purposes, so I need some direction please. I’d like to make some newborn baby beanies (no turned up brim) that would be quick and easy. What is a good “tried and true” pattern? Can you use worsted weight yarn, or should you use something thinner like DK or sport weight? I have a bunch of worsted weight yarn sitting in my stash–a little of this and a little of that–that I thought I can use up on a small project, and I thought, “Why not make baby hats out of them?”

Either knitted or crocheted patterns are welcome. Thanks!

I can answer that!

Knitted Hat Designs

Materials: Use a 4 ply washable yarn and size 6 needles. There are 7 different sizes here adjust to size you would like to knit. I usually when I start a new hat and just want it a little bigger or smaller increase by 4 or decrease by 4. The colors are your choices. I like bright colors but it’s truly all up to you.

Cast on 36 sts. (K1,P1) ribbing for 1". Then ss (stockinet stitch: K one row P the next) for 2.5 ". Total length 3.5 inches.

Cast on 40 sts. (K1,P1) ribbing for 1". Then ss for 2.5". Total length 3.5 " or 4" whatever you prefer.

CO 44 sts. Ribbing for 1". Then ss 3 " to 3.5". Total length 4" to 4.5".

CO 50 sts. Ribbing 1". Then ss for 3.5" to 4". Total length 4.5" to 5".

CO 58 sts ribbing for 1". Then ss 4.5". Total length 5" to 5.5".

CO 66 sts. Ribbing 1". Then ss for 5" to 5.5" Total length 6: to 6.5".

CO 74 sts. Ribbing 1" then Stockinet stitch for 6" to 6.5" total length 7" to 7.5".

After Knitting the piece to the approximate dimensions, draw all sts together tightly.

These are very simple and easy to use! You can use 3 ply yarn, (DK), 4 ply if its for preemie’s no animal type yarns (meaning wool)
Hope this helps

Mary, is four-ply yarn considered worsted weight? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Yup :slight_smile: No prob. Fingering yarn usually means light weight yarn like 3 ply. Which 3 ply is really good for baby items. But 4 ply is good too! 4ply is good for sweaters, afghans stuff that you don’t mind to be heavier. 3 ply is light weight. :muah: :muah:

I have tons of patterns on my baby pages:

or preemie patterns

This is a really popular hat… they both are on this page actually, but the top one especially.

Hope this helps

thank you Bev!! Just love you :muah:

Hi all, I am a member and an affilliate photographer for NILMDTS. Please keep knitting for these organizations as these families are so grateful for all we do. I always have hats, dresses,etc. on hand to take to their little angels. Thanks to all of you who help with these charities. Bev’s patterns are wonderful! Thank you Bev.:knitting: