Charity and Nursing home patterns?

I would like to improve my knitting skills (recently re learned how to knit).
I figure what better way to do it than to knit for charity and the nursing home I work at.
I was thinking I would start off knitting the easy items first and slowly work my way up.
Here is my list:
easy garter scarfs (no pattern yet)

Please feel free to post links and your ideas! Thanks in advance.

Cotton hand towels for residents’ bathrooms.

Pillow cases for small decorative pillows. (Buy pillow forms at big box store/craft store and cut in half or quarters)

Covers for pillows/cushions to be placed on chairs/wheelchairs for comfort.

Small bags/pouches to hang near bed or on wheelchair to hold items.


Small wall hangings (intarsia art).

The facility supplies the basic things they need so I was thinking more along the lines of :
Small bags/pouches to hang near bed or on wheelchair to hold items.


I only cook for the residents so I don’t know what is really needed but I think alot of them could use those! Thanks!

I’m sure the nursing home provides these, too, but lapghans made by someone who cares are probably extra special to the residents. Hot water bottle covers and other useful objects (socks, fingerless mitts, hats, etc.), as well as anything that adds decoration and a touch of home would also probably be greatly appreciated. I suspect such a place can become so cold and impersonal that any kind of special attention and individualization means a lot to these folks.

Actually no, they don’t provide lapghans. They only give them the sheets and stuff for their bed.Sometimes it can get cold in the building so a lapghan would be great for them.
Have no clue as to how to knit a sock but that would be great too! I’ll keep that idea in mind for when I am more experienced!

I have knit quite a few lap afghans for our local nursing home. Any pattern for a blanket can be adjusted to make it smaller.

I’ve also knitted triangle shawls. These are super easy to do and have been greatly appreciated by the residents. Here’s the pattern I used:

hth, knitcindy

You might find some easy patterns to use on my website:

or my seniors page