Charities need your help this year

:waving: I don’t work for any specific charity, so this isn’t a plug. I just wanted to remind my knitting friends of how important it is to remember that the economic crisis hasn’t just hit us indiviually, but it has affected everyone. Charities especially. Please remember that every bit counts, encourage your kids to put a dollar in the kettle, give to the toys for tots program in your area, donate used clothes, join a charity KAL here on KH, or find a charity that hits you close to home. I don’t make a lot of money, but I am have joined a charity that I only contribute a bit to each month. It makes it easier. As I get older I am reminded of how lucky I am to not need assistance, and even if I think I don’t make a lot, I make more than a lot of others.
This is not a promo for any charity. I just know that knitters are the most generous of all people, and hope to remind you that even a small amount of generosity goes a long way.
Happy Holidays to everyone!:waving: :muah: