Channel Island Cast on

After about 6 or so tries, I’ve got the hang of the Channel Island Cast on (CICO). I’m using it for the Calliope shell tank. Thing is, I may have made the doubled up tail a little too long :?? . When I reach the number of stitches I’m supposed to cast on, what do I do with the extra that will be left?


I’ve never used this cast on, but it sure is pretty!

Well, I’ve never tried it myself, but I did a little research and it does look pretty cool! As a variation of long-tail cast on, I would guess that you just weave in the ends. That is sort of what this site seems to suggest at the end. Here’s another tip I saw in a book but not online: knit the overs and purl the stitches on the first row. I presume that is when you’re doing 1x1 rib, which it is apparently well-suited for.

Thanks ladies…

I spent the entire evening casting on in CICO method… got the 195 stitches on, then tried to start knitting. It wasn’t pretty. All the blinking stitches just came apart. I dont’ know how to describe it properly but when I knit from one needle to the other it just started unraveling. Not sure if it was how I cast on the wretched stitches but all that work for nothing. :wall:

Oh no! :pout: I’m so sorry it didn’t work. I doubt I will pick it up any better than you, but I think I’ll go try it and see what happens. In the unlikely event that mine doesn’t fall apart, maybe I’ll be able to help you. Be back with results in a little while…

Sorry I took so long. DH started talking about something and distracted me for a bit…

Anyway, please don’t be mad at me, but I did get it to work. At first I tried to follow the directions from my book, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so then I went to that link I mentioned before, and ended up not exactly following the directions although the pictures did make the concept sort of easier to understand. (I adapted it because it seemed geared toward English knitters. I just put the long strand in the my left hand because it was easier for me.)

So. I pretty much followed the directions from the link until the slip knot part. The slip knot is put on the needle and the needle is held in the right hand. I ended up arranging the yarn in my left hand similar to a long-tail cast-on. I separated the single strand of yarn (the one connected to the skein) from the short little 6 inch tail (this little tail just ends up just hanging). I put this single strand (the one connected to the skein) around my left forefinger while wrapping the doubled part of the yarn twice around my thumb, counter-clockwise. (I think this might be the place where you went wrong because the direction is opposite from the usual way.) The pinky holds the hanging yarn that is wrapped around the thumb and finger against the palm. The whole configuration forms a shape like > (greater than symbol).

From here, you do a yarn over with the single strand, pretty much by moving the needle from the far side of the >, under the strand, and then up between the middle of the >. Then, the motion is the same as a long-tail cast on, except that that there are two sets of strands to go through on your thumb. Does that make sense? The needle goes up through the thumb strands, then scoops the single strand on the finger (over and under, from outside to inside) and pulls this strand through the thumb strands by moving toward you. Let the thumb strands go and pull taut. Wind the double strand around your thumb again by twirling your thumb two times counter-clockwise, starting with the yarn to the right of the thumb. Repeat from the beginning of this paragraph until you’ve made all your stitches.

When you’re on the second row, you will be working the yarn overs from the non-leading leg, which makes it a bit awkward. Other than that, I think everything is normal. If you’re doing 1X1 rib, knit the over and purl the stitches as I mentioned above. I think if you do it the other way, it may be a little wonky, though I’m not sure.

Aw shucks. DH is calling me for dinner. We’re eating late tonight and I’m hungry. I hope at least some of this helped. Let me know if you have any questions…

ETA: I just went over this again and corrected a few things. I left the bad grammar, though. (Sorry. For all I know you have figured it out by now!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there,

Why would I be mad? You’re being wonderful and helping me figure out the mystery that is this cast on method. For that I think you’re great! :muah:

Now, I’ve read over your post and re-read the link and tried again. I think I’ve got it done this time. When I started knitting in the round, it didn’t unravel! But I’m not so sure that I was supposed to start knitting in the round, cause it looked so small and I had cast on the largest number of stitches for my size. So I’m now wondering if I was supposed to join it at all or just knit like I do on straights… this pattern and these needles got me good! :??

So even after all your awesome help, I think the pattern has won both rounds and I’m just tired casting on 195 stitches!

Maybe I’ll look on when Rebecca does hers. :flirt:


Well at least you figured out the cast on part. Glad I was able to help with that. :stuck_out_tongue: BTW, I just said don’t be mad, because I got it without much frustration and I felt a little bad about that. Like I didn’t pay my dues or something. Pretty silly, I guess.