Changing yarn

[color=darkred]this is the pattern I want to make

I just started my sweater and my daughter asked if I would make these leg warmers. Before I get too involved in my sweater I thought I would make them first. Anyway, I am having a hard time getting the yarn here. My LYS has yarn with 15, 18 20sts=4" but 10sts=4" . I tried Patons Classic Merino Wool 20sts=4" on 4.5m. I knit them with the 9m needle but I get 13sts=4". Would it work if I doubled the classic merino or would I have a hard time doing the cables?

I don’t know if it would give you the gauge you want, but I did cables on a double-stranded project without any problem. You get used to treating the two threads as one fairly quickly. Do a swatch and see if you have any trouble.

I just did a swatch and I have 12sts=4" so I am going to try one more store here in town.