Changing Yarn Colors?

Hello again,

Okay, what is the best way to change colors while knitting? I looked at the videos, and it shows just to keep picking up the balls as you knit. However, won’t this result in those long ribbons in the back? Please let me know how you do it. And if you have a video. I posted the 2 videos I looked at below. Thank you!!

Generally you switch the colors every 2 or 4 rows, not on every row. That way color 1 ends up at the same edge you started and you can start color 2 for 2 rows. When you switch them twine them loosely around each other before knitting with the next color. If you want to change colors every row, or every 3 rows, you’ll need to cut them leaving a long enough tail to weave in. Though there is a way to knit with colors on every row, any you need a circular needle; knit a row with color 1, without turning, slide the sts back to the other end of the needle and knit a row with color 2. Then turn and knit or purl color 1 again, slide the sts back and do the same with color 2.

Okay, I mispoke. It is only changing like every 4th row for 12 rows, but then repeat 12 times. So do I need to cut and leave tail for each all the time???

That makes the most sense. It just seems like a lot of tails :-))

You can usually carry the unused color for 4 rows, so that should work. Just twist them loosely together at the edge where you change from one to the other - not so loose as to catch, but not so tight they’ll pucker up the edge.

Thanks so much. I will give it a try and let you know!!