Changing stitch in middle of sweater pattern


I have a simple sweater pattern that calls for the whole sweater to be knit in garter stitch. I don’t like the way it looks and am wondering if i could do a border of 5 or 6 rows of garter then switch to stockinette stitch. With the same amount of stitches and following the same pattern would it turn out the same size?

Thanks! :knitting:

Do a swatch in stockinette and see how your gauge compares to the rows worked in garter st.
Knitted pieces in garter st are wider than the same number ot sts in stockinette so you may have to increase the number of sts when you change from the garter st border to the main stockinette body.
Garter st is also shorter lengthwise than the same number ot rows in stockinette. Most patterns measure length in inches, so this probably won’t require an adjustment.

My experience with garter stitch buttonbands knitted row by row as you knit the st st of each row at the same time is: the garter stitch, in wanting to suck up in length and be shorter…row for row, 20 rows of garter stitch will be shorter than 10 rows of st st…well anyway, a remedy for that is to work ‘extra rows’ of the garter stitch every so often…allowing the garter stitch bands to stack up taller, and catch up with the st st.

Readmy notes for Miss BB about how I did this using short rows over the garter stitch area.

I did the same routine for this jacket, too!

Now after all that, you’ll notice my garter bands are vertical. If you mean HORIZONTAL bands or borders…knit away! It won’t matter a bit. You’ll just knit til you reach the length
the pattern requires!