Changing Needles

[color=green][b]i was thinking of getting the Denise needles to make the project i am doing just a smidge easier because i need to change needle sizes every seven rows. My LYS isn’t getting theirs in for a few more weeks so i have to make do with the circs i have. so as i am knitting on the smaller needles i got to thinking… :thinking:

is it possible that instead of taking out the threes and then trying to thread in the 13s i could just knit the off onto the 13s? i mean i know it will still be tight, but beyond the fact that i will have circular needles all over the place until i get the whole row knitted off is there any reason why it wouldn’t work? :??

have i mentioned that i am a lazy crafter? :oops: …lol[/b][/color]

well I guess I am lazy as well cause that is what I would do. LOL I am lazy anyways. I like to just get my projects done with… but you might have to ask someone else who is not sooo LAZY Jenier :thumbsup:

[color=blue][b]lol…thanks jennifer. I couldn’t bring myself to go to bed until i tried to see if i could make it work without it looking odd and i gotta say, if it looks odd i can’t see it! worked very well… :happydance:

nnnnnnnnnnnnnow i can go to bed!!! yawn[/b][/color]