Changing needle sizes

Hello there, me again with the Piccolo dog sweater. I have mastered the cable! My pattern says that I need two sizes of needles. It said to use the small needles for the collar but it never says to change to larger needles anywhere in the pattern. Do any of you know if I need to change to the larger needles for the body?

Glad that you have the cable down. Good for you.
Usually the smaller needles are used for ribbing at the neck and arms (or legs) and the larger needles for the main body of the sweater. You can check one more thing, and that’s the directions for the tension or gauge. It’s commonly given for the same needles as the main part of the sweater. If it doesn’t spectify the needles to use, go ahesd anyway and switch to the larger needles when you get to the main body of the sweater.
And remember, if you want the turtleneck on the sweater to fold over, the WS of the neck will continue as the RS when you start to knit the body.

The gauge says using smaller needles which I did check so I will switch to larger needles on the body. Thanks and until the next hurdle :slight_smile:

If the gauge is specified using the smaller needles, then that sounds like you should use the smaller needles for the body of the sweater. Is the gauge in the same stitch pattern as the sweater body?
I’m not sure where the larger needles will come into the pattern.

Is it thisone from Doggie Knits? (for those on Ravelry; and there’s a correction on the neckband) Reading the comments it looks like the body is done in waffle st, which would probably need the smaller needle as it’s a looser, more open stitch than stockinette is.