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i want to do a striped scarf and have tried the technique to change colour with adding the different colour yarn hooking it up on the needle but i am finding this really challenging because it is really loose on the edge and the weaving in the ends doesn’t look as neat as I would like. there’s also the problem that on one side (wrong side), the stripe doesnt look right.

i m certain that i once saw a video where the joining of the 2 different colours was done with joining the 2 yarns with the invisible knot method. i cant find the video anymore though…

would you use the knotting the 2 yarns technique? would that hold ok and would that solve the weird looking stripe on one of the sides?

would that work whether you are purling or using the knit stitch?

do you have a video link you could share?

also, what is your view on scarf knitted with needles versus using a knitting loom?

i really want to do a good job because those next 2 scarves will be for my nephews.

thanks very much

If the yarn is similar you should be able to use the invisible method but that seems like it would be better mid row( would it hold up to the pulling of the end stitch) I don’t have a link but have seem it on YouTube. I have also seen folks needle felt the ends together if they are using wool.
Good luck, also a bit of wrong side colour wonky ness is expected to me🙂

thank you very much - i’m a begginer really and thinking the simplest option for me would be best. a bit of wonkiness would also definitely show it is handmade by me :smile:

sorry, me again…

can you do the invisible knot technique if you are double strand knitting or is there another method that works better?

Here’s a secure join for changing color at a specific point. It’s a bit fussy but if you want a perfect join, it’s one way to achieve it.

If an invisible knot is the same as a magic knot which was popular several years ago, I wouldn’t trust it. It often works but when it fails, there’s a problem repair.

You should be able to tighten up the yarn strands at the end of a row and secure them using this or a similar method. That may be the simplest solution.

thank you very much - i have wtched the video for the russian method but that seems very fiddly for a beginner. i have read the information from the link re elizabeth zimerman weaving technique. i do better watching videos and repeating what i see so i looked for a video but cant find any. however i found a video for her cast off method with the needle which looked easy enough so i have bookmarked that :slightly_smiling_face:

i have procrastrinated all day watching loads of videos, doing searches etc. have done a try out of just a small sample with with single knit and a knot - benefit is the first stitch in new colour is not loose which feels better but i still have the issue of weaving the end…

maybe i am trying to run before i can walk… :flushed:

maybe i need to do a scarf on a loom where it feels easier… :pensive:

or maybe i need to chill about this and come to terms with the fact that it wont be perfect and that it’s ok - when the scarf is round the neck of my nephews, a wonky row or an visible weaved end will not show, and i dont think they will inspect the scarf for where it is not perfect… :anguished:

I agree that the russian join is fiddly and likely more than you want to do. The weaving in shown in knitty is nice but there are other methods. Weave into the stripe with the same color as the end. It won’t be nearly as noticeable as you may think. Here’s another way to weave in for garter:

Smiles and umbrellas work for stockinette too.

There’s also the thought that if you can’t see the weaving, the ends or whatever from a galloping horse, you’re ok.

You may not want to use this method now but consider it in future. You can knit the scarf in the round. The ends all are to the inside and the scarf is double thickness. No problem of dots on the wrong side at the color change either.

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thank you so much for all your guidance and info.

re the knitting the scarf in the round - were you referring to the circular needles (not tried that yet) or loom knitting? i saw a few videos for knitting in the round on loom and it looked really easy (have done a hat that came out quite nicely and a couple of pairs of socks including one with the german row technique for heel and toe) - only thing is that the scarves in the round which are double thickness seem to be closed off each end with pom poms or ‘dangly bits’ (sorry cant remember the name) which my nephews wouldnt like. can you simply sew the ends to close them off or do you keep them open? yes that would make me feel much better with the ‘wrong side’ stripe issue.

You could use either circular needles or a circular loom. And yes, you can simply stitch the ends closed rather than adding fringe or pompoms or anything else. I made a Harry Potter scarf for my niece that way. I’m not sure how well this would work with a bulky yarn however, maybe just too thick but it works with worsted and DK.
Very nice to be venturing into hats, socks and shorts rows!

thank you soooo much; gonna stop procrastrinating and get started today. if i work out how i will come back and post a photo of the end product… so glad for all the help and advice.

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I always start a new skein at the end of the row. When you switch yarns you carry the one just used up the side of your scarf as you knit. Then you won’t have all those nasty ends to hide.
Good Luck. You will get it. Knitting doesn’t come together over night. I believe it is a constant learning craft.

I made a Dr Who scarf once and that was an invisible join method I did save the link it was time consuming but effective.


it’s been a while as i forgot to come back and post a picture of the scarf i knitted with stripes, changing colour. it turned out that the colours are not quite what my nephew will like so i am keeping this for now and it will be part of a small number of items i am gonna donate in sept, likely to a homeless charity, so that it keeps someone a bit warmer through the winter.

my dog wouldnt move out of the way when i was taking the picture of the scarf :rofl:




Such a great looking scarf. It will be much appreciated, I’m sure.

Looks very neat! Also such a cute photo bomber, your dog!

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