Changing colors; carry on a scarf?

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello and help!;

I am knitting a scarf, changing colors every three rows, just two colors, is there a way to carry the yarn and not cut it between changes? If not, what is the neatest way to handle the cut ends? I am doing it in seed stitch, so alternating k and p on the ends.

I just know you will have some good ideas for this, thank you!


Yes, I can see where cutting/tying each time would be a total pain.

Why don’t you just, as you suggest, carry the colors along the edges - then put an edging along the scarf after you’ve finished it? Then you could hide the carried yarn strands.

This edging could be either knitted - pick up stitches and knit them, then quickly bind off - or crocheted, if you have that skill under your belt. Or maybe you could just sew a whip-stitch along each edge.