Changing color or adding yarn in the middle of a project

Hi ladies. I have a question. The video that teaches you how to change color thread? I wanted to know if it’s for felting only or can we use it on our regular yarns. Joining the Same Color Yarn. I copy and pasted the inst. Without a knot would the yarn not slip out on regular yarn?

Knit-in Join. Fast and easy. New!
Felted Join (single color). Almost as fast as above join. Strong join, and no ends popping out, because the felting holds them in!
Thanks. Rebecca :slight_smile: I just love this site.

Use the knit in join. It won’t come out and doesn’t need to be felted. It gets twisted in well enough that you don’t need a knot. :wink:

Okay, I dunno if this is typically what people do, but I just had a pattern where I had to make little hearts. And to change colors, at the first stitch, I just knitted the new color and joined the end of the yarn in with the working yarn (like you would after you cast-on, when you start the first row). Anyway, it worked great for me, and it’s not going anywhere, because I had about 5 inches of the end of the yarn knitted in. Hope that helps.

As I was looking for similar information, I thought I’d post here. I’m knitting a scarf with the 22 rows alternating with only two different colors. I’m using circ needles and knitting in the round. So, a couple questions:

Would I start changing the color of yarn on the last cast on of the previous row?
What is the best, obviously in your opinion, way to do so? (for a new knitter)
1 - Duplicate Stitch join
2 - Double Knit-in Join
3 - Felted Join (two color)


When they say felted join, its not for felted objects, but you felt the ends of the yarn together. You separate the strands at each end of the yarn, moisten them and rub them briskly in you hands to felt them together. This, of course only works for wool. I usually catch the new color for a few stitches before the change, start knitting with the new color and catch the old color. Very few ends to weave in.

the felted join will only work on yarn that “felts” wool mainly and some other natural fibers. Otherwise, just change colors for striping at the beginning of the row and leave the end so you can weave it into the strip of the same color later.

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I just caught that! Great minds think alike, I guess. :lol:

I just did a russian join this morning and I am so far very happy with it! Anyone else have any comments or had any problems with it?

I have a comment, or rather a question. What is a Russian join?

There is a link to a video on this site under “Joining a New Color Yarn”

Also I found this too it has two links…

Today was the first time I tried it… and I really loved it! I even yanked on it pretty hard and it seemed strong.

Way too much trouble for me. But thanks. :wink:

Very cool, but I am way to lazy to do that! It might be nice to know about though…there could be the perfect situation for that at some point.

It was actually easier and took less time than I thought it would… over in a snap lol… I was looking for something like that because my Current Project is reversible so I don’t have a WS to have any loose ends on. Other than that I usually use the knit in join. Happy knitting all :XX:

Aaaaah! Then it’s very good to know! Another bookmark.