Changing circular needles

I am trying to knit an Icelandic sweater using this pattern:
This is my first project knitting in the round and I’m a little bit confused. I have finished doing the ribbing on the smaller needles and now the pattern says: “Change to 4.5 mm circular needle and work pattern from chart 1”. My question is, do I immediately have to work the pattern on the bigger needles (which seems rather complicated), or would I first do one round stockinette stitch in the colour that I used for the ribbing?


First doing one row with the bigger needles changes the direction of the chart, therefore you would actually have to work two rows. That being said you would have to decide how that would affect the overall pattern besides the fact that it adds 2 rows to the ribbing. I don’t quite understand the hesitation on working the pattern now or after you complete a row eventually you would have to work the first row of the chart.

I don’t see why you couldn’t add an extra round or so in stockinette. Change to the larger needles after the ribbing and go ahead.

I have to personally agree with salmonmac, it is really a personal choice. I personally hate charts . I apologize if my tone sounded harsh that was not my intention.

Didn’t sound harsh at all, trisha. Not to worry.
For myself, I love charts although I have to admit I’ve gotten myself into one huge chart at the moment. I have sticky notes all over the page.

Nora, I’ve had my eye on this pullover for awhile now. I’m interested to see what you think of the pattern as you work it and of course, we’d love to see a photo when you finish.