Changeing yarn colors

I watched the video and I understand how to do it, but my question is when using two colors - do I cut the yarn everytime I need to change…

my pattner is white 9 stitches, blue 3, white 2, blue 2, white 9 and so on…
so each time will I cut the yarn and then knot again when I need it?

hope that makes sense.


You don’t need to cut it. You strand the colors not in use behind the work.

Check out the video on stranded knitting in the advanced techniques section.

Keep your stitches stretched out on the right needle and loosely strand the colors across the back when you knit and switch colors. When you get to the end of the row, turn you work and bring the yarn from where it’s hanging.

perfect - thanks so much! Now if I could only get my 2 yr old to nap so I could knit!!! :slight_smile: